Langkawi… Beaches, sand, sun AND most importantly tax free booze.


Beach is nice. The soothing warm sand, the cool breeze brushing your face, tousling your hair. Comfortable deck chairs. A head spinning inducing prosed Umberto Eco book and a glass of cold draught beer. Sigh. This is the life. Sand flies and ants are a little annoying, though. Tsk. *slaps at legs and thighs*


Here’s the obligatory tourist-y photo. From left: Fire Engine, Sean, Balak and me.


It rained the whole morning on Saturday. Was cooped up inside hotel, so with nothing to occupy my time, took some artsy pics.


The rain stopped and the skies cleared in the afternoon. Wakakakaka. From left: Balak, Jeevs, me, Sooj and Datuk (he’s a little shy).


I’m sorry you had to see Balak’s and Jeevs’ nip-nips. I apologise. Thousand times. 😉

Tomorrow, I’m going to a resort on a hill for 3 days! Neh, you know the one, got lots of ghosts, zombies, one armed bandits, people sleeping on the sidewalks, Chinese chickens… I hope I can get internet access there. Sigh.


5 Responses

  1. WTF? no chicks in bikini?

    Genting for 3 days? you wanna gamble until you drop your pants izzit?

    anttyk: It’s the off season. Couple of topless fellas not doing it for you? Haha.

    Seriously, the only females of the bikinied variety are the 60 year old retirees with *ahem* figures. You sure you want to see ah, bro? Heh heh heh.

  2. why all your friends got silly names? and where’s the damn hot cow chick you were boasting about?

    anttyk: Silly friends = silly names. Chick appears to be missing. Must be them aliens again.

  3. yeah..where the hot cow? only see campy guys on the island. lol!

    anttyk: Blasted aliens. Where got campy? A little bit gay, definitely, certainly not campy. Wanna join us? 😉

  4. Wish i was there too.. 😦

    guys, send me pictures of booze..

    anttyk: I sensed a huge dollop of regret there. Kiasuland is not nice la Vince…

  5. Ahh.. T’was a fun adventure hunt indeed – plus it was really hot and then it rained for a bit. And congrats to Anttyk’s team for beating us.

    anttyk: Heh heh heh. Thanks Rara. 🙂

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