Sigh… My readership figures these few days suck big time. It’s going south faster and harder than Paris Hilton did a certain Mr Salomon.

My hands tremble everytime I click on the blog stats button. Trepidation, depression, anxiety is just putting it mildly.

Sigh, I’m an idiot for fretting so much about page hits.

I need to get out more… But but but buttttt…

Outside got no Lilys, Scorkes, Suanies, Fire Angels. Unless I bump into them in public, which WILL HAPPEN when Danny DeVito gets laid in an open park, under a blue moon, with flying piggies flitting about in pink tutus.

Guess I’d stick to sitting indoors hunched over my laptop then.


7 Responses

  1. thats why i took my stat counter off a long time ago.

    that sean got potential if she loses her baby fats. 😀

    anttyk: Hmm…

  2. no worries mate, u still hv me. :p

    anttyk: Thanks man, you scouser. As long as you stay away from me hubcaps… 😛

  3. okla, okla.. i visit u more often.. u can stop drinking dettol now.

    anttyk: I have upgraded already. Drinking Paraquat now. Faster and more effective. Gives you a buzz like no other.

  4. final option..put some prawn n amber chia’s pic..

    anttyk: Ok. Will take matter under advisement. 😉

  5. because your side is SFW? hahahaha pffftttt!!!

    anttyk: Hmmm… Laman lucah mencemari akhlak anda! Heh heh!

  6. If you stop claiming to look like owen, i’ll come visit you more often:D

    anttyk: If I really looked like Owen, you would be stalking me. Yes? Heh heh.

  7. jom lose weight!

    anttyk: Let’s play futsal together-gether with KY!

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