These past two weeks were extremely taxing. I had really tight deadlines to meet, an Adventure Hunt in Langkawi, a convention to attend and a gruelling training workshop in Genting.

In addition to all this, I will be driving to Penang this afternoon for a one week assignment. Alone. The deadlines are tighter than Kylie Minogue’s hot pants. The Penang fieldstaff are as inexperienced as men are at foreplay. Oh and they are also putting me up in a hotel famous for its pay-to-enter-fowls.

Great. My favourite type of assignment. Really.

And, to make things slightly more challenging, my white blood cells chose yesterday, my only day to catch up on much needed rest, to take a tea break and let those damn viruses invade my body.

There’s nothing I hate more than a sore throat and cough, combined.


Fuckers. Just wait till I catch the culprit. Lazy bugger. I will give him a good whooping.

I feel like shit. Completely drained. Empty.

I gazed mournfully at my empty toothpaste tube. Being the skint that I am, I squeezed it for all it was worth.

Hey hey! There’s still some toothpaste left in the tube…


11 Responses

  1. Hey dude. Take care & enjoy yourself in Penang. And get yourself a new tube of toothpaste for yopur trip.

    anttyk: Thanks man. If you need anything from Penang, SMS me, k?

  2. yo anttyk. get well soon. don’t worry, things will be straightened up once it gets rolling. =)

    anttyk: Thanks… I hope so TTJ. Nyah!

  3. “The Penang fieldstaff are as inexperienced as men are at foreplay.”

    The Penang staff must be reaaaaaaaaaly bad :p

    Get well soon.

    anttyk: Haha… Thanks Lils. I’m in Penang already. Getting ready for tomorrow. Oiling my whip. Muahahaha (that sounds a little obscene :P).

  4. get well soon, man! at least there are still toothpaste..

    anttyk: Thanks seng seng. Toothpaste is very important. Darn aliens keep nicking ’em.

  5. bad week huh? even the 1-1 result is not helping.
    get well real soon.

    anttyk: Still coughing like a madman today… Sigh.

  6. poor toothpaste..

    anttyk: It did it’s job well and did not die in vain. It has gone to a better place…………. Garbage can.

  7. i still prefer sean.

    anttyk: Haha. Noted.

  8. u leave that toothpaste alone!

    anttyk: If I don’t play with the toothpaste, what should I play with???!?? Hmmm? Heh heh.

  9. Hope you’re feeling better. Now we want to see some interesting Penang stories, hehe… Food misadventures, Penang chicks, foreplay, fun-with-tootpaste, etc.

    anttyk: Noted. Penang’s got no hot chicks though.

  10. people go to penang for the food leh. not hot chicks 🙂

    anttyk: Hot chicks are all holed up in KL. 😛

  11. Ooo… hot chicks are in KL? Damnit, I gotta get out of the house more often, and get a life, hehe…

    anttyk: Yeah man. Stop licking your car… And go out more often.

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