Apparently, I am a gnome. I stand 4 feet tall. I wear damn fugly spectacles. I live in a toadstool. Actually no, but my room (sty) and bed are infested with fungi, so I guess that’s pretty close. Plus, I love the smell of armpits!

From left: Datuk, Sean, some perv (in red box) and Sooj.

Armpits smell so heavenly. They have that twangy and thoroughly refreshing wake-me-up-and-bugger-me-with-my-pants-on type of smell. Totally pwns that Estee Lauder Pure White Linen crap.

Sniff, sniff…

PS: This is for you, sic6sense.


5 Responses

  1. Cant you have more normal fetish like golden shower or something?

    anttyk: Nope. Nothing beats the smell of a fresh unwashed armpit in the morning. 😀

  2. i wouldnt mind smelling sean’s armpits either. she must smell of the ocean.

    anttyk: 😛

  3. i saw u wif a shaver!

    anttyk: I don’t use shavers. Garden shears do a better job.

  4. i come from sengkor. that face in the arm pit is damn funny!

    anttyk: Hi there.

  5. initially i thgt ghost pic…
    u know or not…u can actualli upload it to youtube if this file is video format…u might get lucky with hits

    anttyk: Do I look like a ghost to you? If yes, I’ll come cari you tonight.

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