“There is good evidence that how long you sleep seems to be the most important indicator of how long you’ll live.”
– The Promise Of Sleep by William C. Dement with Christopher Vaughan.


Still feeling sick today… So, I took a sicky.

I slept from 1.00 am till 3.00 pm this afternoon. O_o

I’m going to live a looooooooooooong life. W0Ot!

(That is if this dratted incessant coughing doesn’t kill me first. Fashew rashew rashew.)

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5 Responses

  1. wah..u can actuali sleep so long wan! got ppl brokeback u also dun know? got check or not?

    anttyk: I sket you brokeback me, but luckily, you are far far away at Sungai Besi liao (Damn, my English sucks). 😛

  2. yo, how come ur blog always take abt sickness wan..might change to medical blog like breast cancers, STD, kkc malfunctions pic laGI best

    anttyk: These few days sick ma… Indulge me a bit.

  3. but tomi chai, he has to have sex first b4 he can get STD. :p

    anttyk: You Oik! I’m gonna get yous. 😛

  4. he got use oral B..or not?

    anttyk: Tsk tsk tsk.

  5. bila mau bbq? at ur hse?

    anttyk: Your house is better, Tommy.

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