Server Room Security

The server room in my office is the most secure place on earth.

There’s no alarm system. No keycard access. No CCTV. The server room door and walls are made of cheap, thin plywood.

We don’t need all those fancy smancy security whatzits, when we have this fella guarding the place.


Darth Maul realised to his horror that he forgot to turn off the stove back home in Iridonia.


2 Responses

  1. Shit lar… i really miss u guy.. been missing all the fun moments.. Singapore?? Nothing to do but window shopping, clubbing (which i rarely go) and Fine Dining (i miss malaysian hawker food). Apart from that, nothing else to do… BORING!!!!
    Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday, will go training again… Tennis 2 hours and table tennis 4 hours.. that is typically how i try to past time in Singapore at the moment. :-I
    Very mundane…

    anttyk: Vince, are you coming back this Saturday?

  2. he doesn’t need to go eat or pee?
    u evil dark side! ppffftttt!!

    anttyk: He survives purely on the power of the DARK side… Muahahahaa*uhuckhackhack*haaa. [sorry, me still coughing]

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