Rice and Messy Plates

Perfectly smooth flawless facial skin. Sadly, I don’t have one. No, it’s not so bad that it resembles the surface of the Sea of Tranquility. Yet.

Seekarlui is always on my case about me fidgeting with my face.

“Hey! Don’t pinch your face!” “Tch, don’t do that!” “Yeerr, your poisonous fingers.”

I have always maintained that my not-so-smooth skin it’s not my fault. Not. My. Fault. At All. Let me illustrate to you, dear readers, why this is so.

Just take a look at Seekarlui’s plate after dinner.


So much crap left on her plate. Rice everywhere, scraps of unfinished meat lying with outrageous nonchalance on the white porcelain. Every single item contributing to my deteriorating complexion.

In all these years I have spent with her, I have never seen Seekarlui finish her food. Ever.

There you have it. The blame lies squarely on Seekarlui.

I rest my case.

PS: Thank God for Photoshop. Haha.


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