Maxie was standing at the entrance of our office building, smoking. He had that look every smoker has after every satisfying drag – eyebrows furrowed, lips curled up, utter satisfaction coursing through his veins.

His eyes snapped open, and he gazed up at the grey and sickly sky – the result of unethical land clearing and forestry practices in a neighbouring country.

Maxie’s face exuded wisdom far beyond his years as he uttered…

“This haze ah, damn bad for your health one.”

= = = = =

Slevin: Wah, that day har, the storm very powderful.

C. Lengus: Really?

Slevin: Yes. Really one. Apparently a tree was uprooted and fell on a car, trapping a young lady inside.

C. Lengus: Wow. Amazing. Where?

Slevin: Newspaper.


5 Responses

  1. Oh my.

    To be trapped inside a car pinned underneath a tree, all inside a newspaper. Sounds very danger.

    anttyk: Yes, its beings the very danger indeeds.

  2. Newspapers must now be headed with a hazard warning for health and safety reason.

    anttyk: Hahaha. WARNING: Reading this may lower your IQ. Hmm, applies to this weblog as well, come to think of it.

  3. damn haze, doesn’t it know that only us smokers are allowed to pollute the air and poison the non-smokers.

    anttyk: Karma? Anyone?

  4. slevin?

    anttyk: Think it over TTJ… You will get it eventually. 😀

  5. hahahaha!!!! that is slevin!

    anttyk: 😉

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