Some one I know has been hanging out with a girl recently. He is rather shy as a person, so his mum was rather pleased with that fact that there is a girl in his life. Recently, he decided to play a Ramadan joke (as he called it) on his mum. So he told his mum that the girl’s a muslim.

Her expression changed. Lips pursed, the look of anger etched on her face.

“Don’t see that girl anymore.”

A person’s beliefs are highly personal. Whichever God we choose to worship is a matter (or should be) of choice. Our religion should never be decided for us – be it via birth, marriage, race, etc. Choice is a basic human right. So is the option to switch beliefs.

Religious fanaticism is extremely dangerous. It leads to intolerance (even hatred) of other cultures and beliefs. It breeds a people with rigid and narrow mindsets, intent on following their ‘teachings’ blindly, just like lemmings jumping over a cliff.

The Bamiyan Buddha statues built in the 5th and 7th Century AD were wantonly destroyed by fanatics in the name of religion. The destruction of a priceless piece of mankind’s history and culture is hardly cause for celebration.

Some may claim that by being religious, they are trying to be closer to their God. But in the pursuit to please God, they strap bombs on their bodies, they preach hatred towards other races and religions, they execute innocent unarmed civilians. Let me ask you, is this what God desires?

Central to all religions is the message that God is good, and that He loves mankind. What kind of God demands the killing of innocent unbelievers just so that His followers will grow in numbers?

After thousands of years, mankind is still going to war over religious issues. Why can’t we be more tolerant? Instead of labelling our non-believing neighbours as kafirs and marginalising them, why can’t we show more compassion, understanding, even love?

What is the purpose of having a faith, if not to better ourselves? The pursuit of the greater good. To guide us to love our family, friends and fellow man. To make the world a better place.

For all of us.


3 Responses

  1. well said but can you please bring back anttyk? 😀

    The Great X’trahghurgh: We have your anttyk. He is currently being probed. We will release him when you have taken us to your leader.

  2. Religion is just a mirage of faith.

    anttyk: Religious institutions are man-made, that is true. Religions are, however, inspired by God. Inspiration comes from faith.

  3. Religion is just a interperation of an old ‘blog’. Most it’s is get lost in translation. If you have read books on it you will find that people will translated it to suit their need at that time, but than that gets carried to our time where most of it is not suitable, like the treatment of womenfolk.
    We need to mondernlise all the religion of the world…
    Hahhahahahahahaha (evil laugh)

    anttyk: !!??!!

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