Smogasbord of Useless Stuff

This is not a killer whale, oh no, on the contrary, it’s a humpback whale.



= = = = =

I was slacking at my regular mamak yesterday afternoon evening. The heavy cooking smoke hung palpably in the air – dulling my senses. My bleary eyes dragged themselves accross the floor to the wall and subsequently, the ceiling.

“Wah! This place so high tech nowsadays. Got CCTV one!”


Haha. I’m a real dumbass sometimes.

= = = = =

Everyone is a meteorologist these days. What with this widespread obsession with APIs, wind patterns, rain, humidity levels and farts whatnots. *snore*


The air in Kuala Lumpur is getting so bad these days these strange stumpy things are beginning to grow from the soil. Freaking damn wierd k?


This fella apparently loves them stumpy things soooooooo much, he decided to do his part. Not like we need clean air, innit?

= = = = =

The idiots clowns jokers errm respected colleagues in my office these days are obsessed with butchering the England, opps English language.

It all started from Hoobastank’s The Reason. Some one started putting esses(?) at the end of every word in the chorus. The result?

Ands Is justs wants yous tos knows

Sounds hillarious when you sing it out. Unfortunately, this madness evolved and has now taken over our daily conversations.

“I’s is beings the wantings to eating lunches with yous todays. My Engrands is so powderfuls!”

It’s like an epidemic. Impossible to get rid off, there’s no escaping the esses. I’m having so much trouble with simple grammar these days – have or has, did or does?

Arrrghh! Damn you, esses. I can’ts speaks properlys nows.


= = = = =

Me si also bandwagonist. Lainie style posts are the pwn! Muahahahaha!

I need help.


5 Responses

  1. that’s no CCTV la, that’s a destructive laser beam. 😀

    anttyk: Ooo…

  2. Picture of whale raping whale… sounds familiar right…? whatever u did to my bears in my Wira… luckily u didn’t have any picture of them… phew….

    c u soon…

    anttyk: Eh? See here. I can’t believe you forgot about it!!!

  3. i didnt know you’re an animal lover. :p

    anttyk: Yup. Goats, sheep, chickens…

  4. Ehhhh…. look familar…. sorry enalgand bad tooday tooo muchss works… and bigs headachedss…

    anttyk: Today only? Not everyday ah? :p

  5. ya hor…really forgotten about that… forgetful i am but not senile… muahaha

    anttyk: Hah! That’s what you think.

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