Pointless Post

1. What’s the most pointless thing you have done today?

I’m sat in front of the idiot box and was completely absorbed watching Party Planner with David Tutera on Discovery Travel and Living. Ereka Vetrini throws a slumber party – for her 10 grownup friends. Too much pink, baby blues, candy flosses can make really affect a grown man’s senses – I am now as confused as a blind lesbian at a fish market.

Why the $#%@ am I watching this crap?

2. What’s the most pointless thing someone has said to you?

Would you mind doing me a favour?

Yes, I DO mind. But I’ll do it anyway because I have no choice. 

3. Where’s the most pointless place you have been?

Singapore. A small little island filled with inbred nasty little people with huge ego problems. Chewing gum deficiency damages common human decency apparently.

4. Which is more pointless – flies or mosquitoes?

Flies. They are dangerous, your John Thomas can get caught in it if you’re not careful. Remember, it’s shake, tuck in securely, then zip. Carefully. 

Oh, you meant THOSE flies…

5. Which is more pointless – dogs or cats?

Cats obviously. Cats are useless, stuck-up furballs. Pussies are good for lickkicking though.

6. What’s the most pointless piece of music you have ever heard?

You’ll Never Walk Alone sung by thousands of tone deaf (and gay) scousers. Horrendous, I tells yous. What that song has in common with Liverpool Football Club baffles me.

Maybe it should be You’ll Never Flee From The Police Alone (After Nicking the Hubcap, Stereo and TV).

7. What’s the most pointless film you have ever seen?

Titanic. I wanted the fat girl to geroff the door and let poor skinny (way back then) Leonardo diSissycino climb on it. Her more than ample body blubber would certainly ensure her survival, freezing seawater and all.

8. What’s the most pointless thing you have ever read?

Samuel Pepys’ diaries. Goes like this: Wake up in the morning, kiss wife. Eat lunch, do some work in office. Bitch about boss. Remove bladder stone without anesthesia (man that hurts). Check out the female help. Oh look, London’s on fire. There goes the baker’s shop. No bread for me on the morrow then. What a nice glow this fire gives. I like bright lights. Duh!

All this talentless fellow did was keep a diary in 1666. Now he’s famous. Maybe I should blog more. This will ensure that I’d be famous four hundred years from now.

9. You have my attention for a minute – rant about something pointless (in the comments section)….


8 Responses

  1. Oik! YNWA is NOT pointless okay.
    9, Spiller, Sicko, where are you guys? Go steal anttyk’s hubcabs!!!
    Eh..come to think of it, all your readers are scousers lol.

    anttyk: He he he he… Come, come. My car got no hubcaps, but I’d like to see you guys try.

  2. what is most pointless fruit u ever eaten?
    ironically, it’s the top grade durians. so expensive.

    anttyk: Agreed.

  3. oi, where’s ur car, still in the workshop? say goodbye to ur hubcaps, geordie scum.


    anttyk: My car (baby) is with me… No scouser’s gonna dirty her with his grubby fingers! Heh heh heh.


  4. i say, the liverpoo is pointless, the scousers are hopeless.

    anttyk: USA. USA. USA. 😛

  5. LOL you’re whacked! Spot on with the YNWA observation. BTW this reader’s a Gunner :p

    anttyk: Hehehe… A Toon fan has to be a little crocked.

  6. Q: Who is the most pointless football player ever?

    A: Michael Owen

    why – Why? cos he hardly plays la, that’s why!

    anttyk: Ooo… Lily’s gonna get you for that!

  7. cis! ni dah lebih ni..

    that’s it! say goodbye to your Elsie, we are going to send some aunties to bang her sideways.

    anttyk: Pfffbbrrrttt! Heh heh heh.

  8. i did a haiku on this before.

    Writing in the dark,
    is like a broken pencil.
    Quite a pointless scribe.

    anttyk: Here’s mine:

    Writing in the dark,
    is bad for your eyes.
    Use a candle or torch.

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