Stubborn Human Beings

We all have our own personal convictions, things we hold dear and believe to be true. Things hammered into our brains since childhood.

For instance, some people actually believe that the world is round. Like a ball. What utter bollocks! The world is flat, okay? Aristotle conned us all, that fraud. His mama told him to lie to the world, that way, he’d be famous! If the world was round, we’d be rolling around all the time. You’re not rolling right? Ergo, world is flat. q.e.d.

Anyway, what I wanted to rant about today is this: Every single person born on earth is stubborn. S.T.U.B.B.O.R.N.

Think about it for a second.

People who insist that they are not stubborn are actually stubbornly refusing to accept the fact that they are being stubborn about it.

Now if that’s not being stubborn, I don’t know what is.

Newcastle United has invented another brand of stubbornness. Higher level one. The team stubbornly believes there’s no such thing as defence. All ten outfield players have one mission: and that is, to get as far forward as possible and score goals. Holding the line, man marking are all alien terms, invented by little green men from Alpha Centauri.

It is actually pretty funny watching the players gallivanting around the pitch without a care in the world, with no clue on how to defend a lead, unless you’re a Toon fan, that is.

Tat tat ta ta ta ta! CHARGE!!!

The whole kampung rushes towards the opposition’s goal. Sometimes, the goalie also ikut. Aik! Damn, lost the ball.

Tatatatatata… RETREAT!!!

The whole kampung rushes back, kicking and heading everything along the way, with the exception of the ball. Cartoon betul.

What’s the goalkeeper for then, you ask? Well, he’s there to pick the ball up after it crosses the line – efficiently and quickly so as to not break the other team’s rhythm.

I’ll go to a dark little corner now. 😦


8 Responses

  1. you’re getting confused. this is not hantubola.

    anttyk: I stubbornly deny that I am confused.

  2. too embarassed to post in hantubola eh?

    grow some kahunas lah my toon friend.

    anttyk: Pfffffbbrrrttt! Them thingies are too big already.

  3. Wah.. someone is damn free these days.. kekeke..

    anttyk: Hi mama. I missed you.

  4. toon toon played like ah kua (first half energetic 2nd half like bapuk with overweight stell balls hanging)

    anttyk: Yeah… Sigh.



    anttyk: Liverpool pun lemas wor previous weekend…

  6. yeah, why so stubborn? come support Liverpool la 😉

    anttyk: Geordie chicks are way hotter. 🙂

  7. harper doing well wat? see, stubbornly complaining some more.

    anttyk: Sigh… I know. The sooner Given comes back, the better.

  8. Oik. Scouser chicks are cuter lah :p

    anttyk: You’re the exception Lils (with reference to scouser chicks).

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