Sprained Peanuts and Falling Asleep

Yellow Chimpanzee limped up to me in office this morning – with a pained look on his face.

Yellow Chimpanzee: Damn, can’t play futsal today.
anttyk: Why?
Yellow Chimpanzee: I sprained my toe just now.
anttyk: Ha? How?
Yellow Chimpanzee: My alarm clock woke me up this morning. So, I jumped out of bed to turn it off. Errr… I didn’t realise my right leg had fallen asleep.
anttyk: And then?
Yellow Chimpanzee: So I fell lah. Somehow, my right toe hit something (probably the stack of pr0n mags he keeps under his bed).
anttyk: Ouch…
Yellow Chimpanzee: It wasn’t so pain earlier, but now… Sssss, damn pain. Maybe it’s because earlier got no blood in the foot. Now it’s black and blue.
anttyk: Hahahahaha. Damn funny.

= = = = =

Which reminds me. Last week, I had to perform a bit of important business in the office loo. I don’t know how long I was on the seat, but when I was done, I realised my leg had fallen asleep.

Not a problem, I thought to myself, just sit quietly and hope the nobody hears the slight whimpering when the pins and needles set in.

So, I sat quietly.

Door to the next cubicle creaks.



Dagnabbit! It’s that LS fella. [For background on LS, please click here] Here I am stuck in the loo – with no means of escape, forced to endure this.

I made it out alive ten minutes later. Barely.


8 Responses

  1. how come no more HB futsal session already?

    damn sien.

    can i join yours? 😉

    anttyk: Can, most definitely can. E-mail me your HP number, and I’ll hook you up!

  2. You know, that post was the first post of yours i read. You have to bring it up again lah. eeeueeeeeeeeeeeee

    anttyk: Hehhehheh… I aim to please.

  3. right, and what’s your email bro?

    anttyk: anttyk@hotmail.com

  4. Yellow Chimpanzee…? hmmm….

    and you kena again in the loo… last time, it was his ‘ahem’, and now you are doing big business with him next door. what a co-incident hor. =P

    anttyk: Sigh… This kind of fate sucks.

  5. who is the yellow chimpanzee la?!?

    anttyk: Come back and I’ll introduce you.

  6. why yellow? why chimpanzee?

    *scratch scratch*

    anttyk: That, you’ll have to ask him yourself.

  7. eh how come that email address not valid wan?

    anttyk: Valid one.

  8. never mind, here’s my mobile: +60 17 338****
    call me if u got slot for me in your futsal session.
    weekday evening/ nights preferred.


    anttyk: Edited for spiller’s protection. Just in case some nympho stalker is reading this…

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