It’s Me

When we think no one is watching us, our true selves come out to play.

Recently, I have been toying with the idea of starting another weblog with another nick. I realise that I have materials (all in draft) that I would rather share anonymously. Ideas that are at odds with the intentions I had when I started this site (which is to make people laugh + some bits of nonsense + very little serious mumbojumbo thrown in).

Reality is rather harsh, as it dawned on me that, I have too many commitments already. I have writing commitments to hantubola, Malaysia’s bestest and funniest football weblog. I have not posted anything of late, so I am constantly peeking out my door out of fear, in case the headhantus come along and give me an atomic wedgie. Eyeris and Vincent can be quite vicious, you know.

In addition, I am a contributor to my department’s unofficial site, shooooosh (long story this one, will bitch write about it some other time), where I do most of the photoshopping. Plus, I share a weblog, mousetailpullers with my sister, Muks.

How many weblogs does one need, anyway? It’s not money.

On top of all this, I still have a job to do. Which I enjoy tremendously (my boss may be reading this, haha).

Anyhooo, I figured, I’d just post up any strange and totally forehead-slappingly-stupid thought that comes to me. After all, the publish button is mine to click. Pfffbbrrrtttt!

I can’t always be light and easy, can I?

= = = = =

To all my Indian friends, have a truly happy deepavali! 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Funny how the insightful posting attracted the least comments… unless of course, all your readers are busy celebrating deepavali.

    anttyk: Haha. I noticed that too…

  2. or Hari Raya 😛

  3. I hardly update at HB cause i’m not allowed to talk about Owen. Wots your excuse?

    anttyk: Well… If your team were languishing at 16th place with 7 points, you would be very quiet too. All I do these days is moan about our results, and that sucks. 😦

  4. Atomic wedgie time!!!!!!11111oneone

    anttyk: Shit! *runs and ducks for cover*

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