Good Vibrations

Maxie has these long fingers. And they vibrate. Well almost, and only his forefinger.

I kid you not. His forefinger vibrates at will like a… Erm, well, vibrator.

Maxie claims that girls love it. I have no idea why. Hmmm. He also said that long fingers are an indication of the length of *cough cough* something else.

You know what they say about men with large feet? They need big shoes la.

Anyway, Maxie’s forefinger is 84mm long. Damn. A vibrating 84mm finger. Whatever rocks your boat, then.

What I believe is this: Life is fair and that all our shortcomings are compensated. For instance, people with shorter statures are often gifted in *other* areas. You can’t have your pie and eat it, every bloody single time, innit?

In that case, I would like to state for the record that I have terrifically short and thin fingers.

So there.


3 Responses

  1. so wots maxie’s number then? is he cute?

    anttyk: Yes, I believe so. All the girls in my office building are crazy about him.

  2. then u must be a special breed with both short fingers and short…

    anttyk: Oik!

  3. i wouldnt count on maxie to carry a hot cuppa coffee though.

    anttyk: Haha. He could use his ‘other’ part to carry the cup.

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