Two Dollah

You know how sometimes certain actions / things other people do will stick with you like love grass (eragrostis unioloides) for absolutely no reason at all? It’s funny, the things we remember. I can’t remember important things like anniversaries, birthdays, bank account and important phone numbers, my name, you know – stuff like that. But I CAN remember absolutely useless information – it’s like my brain is a repository for well, crap.

I remember in school, there was this huge fat kid, Jason. He was a bully, I recall, so as you can imagine, he wasn’t the most popular kid around.

Anyway, back to me story. One day during recess, as the pupils of Saint Patrick’s Secondary School were lounging near the school canteen – Jason appeared, sauntering and strutting. All of a sudden, he slipped on some loose gravel.

His feet went up. He somersaulted (well, almost) and landed heavily back first on the dirt.



I swear to you, we all felt the ground and school buildings shake. I no bluff one.

Henceforth, from that day onward, Jason became The Gedebup. His kids will be calling him that behind his back.

Last month, Sean was happily telling us some joke, it must have been a lousy one, as I can’t recall what it was about. But I am certain that it was not about butt cracks. Anyway, at one point she did her impression of an asian hooker:

Two dollah suckee-suckee. Five dollah, very good time. *waves hand in a circle*

I dunno. Somehow this image stuck with me, no matter how hard I try to shake it off. Two days ago, I had a dream. Sean was wearing a purple dinosaur suit with green polka dots. For some strange reason, she sported a bright pink bow on her head. She opened her mouth and said, “two dollah suckee-suckee…” Wave hand some more.

I woke up. And laughed.

The moral of the story is this: Be extremely careful with your actions and words especially when you are around peculiar people like me.


= = = = =

Have a terrific weekend people. Here’s to Newcastle winning at St James’ Park.


6 Responses

  1. Who is this Jason person? Was he there before or after I was there?

    anttyk: Before… I believe I was in Form 2 at the time.

  2. u have an obsession for dinosaur, don’t cha? 😉

    nice weekend to u too.

    anttyk: I love dinosaurs. 🙂

  3. Your blog requires a hazard warning for readers with delicate sensibilities…

    anttyk: My regular readers know that already.

  4. i’ll give sean 20 dollahs!

    anttyk: No comment on that. *keeps a straight face du du du du du* 🙂

  5. i was just going to say you are feeding on sicko’s sic fantasy but I see he’s already here to prove me right :p

    Oh..I’m here to cheer you up but I see you are already quite capable of doing it yourself 😀

    anttyk: Where got? 😦

  6. I’ll be watching my words around you from here on in. So if I appear mute around you, you’ll know why. You’ve tainted my innocent whore impression!! Wah, oxymoron…

    Ps: Who be sic6sense? Am I being propositioned? Heh

    anttyk: Haha, I think it’s pretty obvious. sic6sense is very good at hand headjobs.

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