Say No To Prawn

I was reviewing my weblog statistics yesterday night when I stumbled across this little nugget: The post on this weblog with the most hits to date, light years ahead of all the other posts combined, is Man Boobies.

Damn. Do you want to know why or are you really that slow?

Oi! The internet is for wholesome, scholarly research, k? Don’t drag my weblog into the sinful mire of depravity – where fat, balding, middle-aged men with unusually muscular right arms hang out pretending to be sweet 17 year old Scandinavian virgins looking for a good time.

I gotta think really carefully about my post titles from now on.

= = = = =

Seekarlui and I attended Old Wild Boar’s wedding dinner on Sunday. The place was nicely done up with nice flowers and food wasn’t half bad. That is, until they brought this out for dessert.


I’m not going to say anything.


7 Responses

  1. “Man Boobies” sounds so wrong already.

    What da hell is that? Is it the same kuih that we use for praying?

    anttyk: Err… I don’t think it’s the same kuih. Eh, coming for futsal tomorrow?

  2. i should make it, if there is a slot for me.

    it’s Sports Planet Subang Grand right? 7-10pm? Which court?

    Cheers mate.

    anttyk: 7 – 9 pm. I’ll call you to confirm the court…

  3. I think the correct term for man boobies is “moobs”.

    anttyk: Why moobs? Men = moobs. Women = woobs???!??

  4. eh, futsal. got ah?

    it really sucks when your network admin blocks u off from our lovable hantu bola site.

    anttyk: Heh heh. That is why you have to make friends with your network administrator. Bagi suap a bit…

  5. Why do guys who go to the gyms have bigger boobs?

    Err..what kuih is that?

    anttyk: Err… That is called muskel. The kuih? I dunno. There are some black bits in it, it’s soft and gooey and sticky.

  6. the kuih looks deadly.

    say no to prawn would get you more traffic? 😀

    anttyk: Kuih is deadly. I figured I’d lure them in with my Man Boobies. Haha.

  7. ummmm…. what about the kuih?

    anttyk: Looks like… erm, something.

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