It’s strange. This meal which consists of taking bits of food, piercing it with a stick made from dried coconut leaf spine (lidi – for you uneducated and unwashed peasants) and dunking it in hot, plain water.

Bits of food tortured for our pleasure.

Erm, where got nice? The water looks a little murky – which is a little disconcerting. But, since the water is boiling hot it should be alright, I hope. I wonder if the sticks are recycled. The colourings at the ends of the sticks look deadly. Urgh, best not dwell on that.

You can almost hear the little bits of food screaming for help.

Moving on. Balak and siao yue are HUGE fans of luk-luk. Dunno why. That luk-luk uncle must have put something in their tea…

We are all very enthusiastic about this meal. And yes, Balak looks like that all the time.

So last Friday evening, they somehow managed to drag us to the restaurant opposite the office and participate in their strange orgy ritual.

Yellow Chimpanzee can really stuff his face eat. TTJ looks disgusted at all this depraved and rampant consumption of flesh (she’s vegetarian).

We had fun. I am sure that it was not the food. Must be the beer, then. Or the company of good friends.

I believe it’s the latter.


4 Responses

  1. orgy…. -_- ||

    anttyk: Nyah!

  2. Do you have any other hobbies apart from stuffing your face?

    anttyk: Got. Drunken debaucheries, pillaging and all other associated activities.

  3. not luk-luk uncle la.. it’s fei-low luk luk 😛

    anttyk: I didn’t see any fei lou wor… 😦

  4. ERM….luk luk goes well with beer ok!! Even TTJ could not resist the Guinness and corn and mushrooms luk luk

    anttyk: Haha… 🙂

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