Traffic in Kuala Lumpur is nuts, let me tell you. Just going for lunch is an ordeal in itself, as Daniel and I scampered like chipmunks across numerous busy intersections, desperately holding on to our nuts while dodging pesky motorbikes and huge trundling lorries.

It was during one of these scampering sessions that Daniel was almost hit by a motorcycle. The motorcyclist waiting at the traffic lights saw us running across the road. He turned his head and looked at Daniel. And here’s the clincher. He pressed his accelerator as we were running by.

Luckily, Daniel had his wits about him and executed a somewhat clumsy hop and grabbed the motorcycle – stopping the motorcyclist.

Phew! From this experience, I realise that human beings are an egoistic race.

My dong is bigger than yours,
this means that I am better than you.

Pffbbbrrrt! Motorcyclists bully pedestrians. Who are in turn bullied by Kancil owners. The Kancils are then tormented by SUV drivers. Apparently to some, the size of your dong determines your social standing and status.

All human beings are all created equal regardless of colour or creed, are we not? Why are we, at a subconscious level, still looking so hard for ways to elevate ourselves above our fellow men? Let’s stuff those patricians, Brahmins, khadems, osus’, ubuhakes, plebeians back to the Dark Ages where they belong.

Er, where was I? Sorry about the huge detour. It is my sincere hope that you enjoyed the view and learned something.

Thusly, the lesson for the day is this:

When a motorcyclist is trying to run you down, jump up and grab the motorcycle’s handlebars. Firmly. If possible, try to do a somersault.



7 Responses

  1. maybe he was trying to mow u down… and missed. :p

    anttyk: Haha. Thanks to my fantastic futsal-ing skills, I did a step-over and ghosted over to the other side of the road!

  2. ahh… much better layout..

    or you can jump ala Trinity’s Matrix style 😛

    anttyk: Hmm… Still not very happy with it. WordPress has limited options with regards to templates. Guess I’ll stick with this for a while then.

  3. Daniel so flexible…..

    anttyk: He is frexible and bririant!

  4. I have no dong. Gracias.

    anttyk: You’re welcome. 🙂

  5. can i steal the picture for my blog… ke ke k ek ke k!!! so darn cute

    Won’t wait for ur permission granted!

    anttyk: Can.

  6. did you say step-over, christina?

    anttyk: 😛

  7. who the hell is that fellow? hehe

    anttyk: Fella who joined the company one month ago.

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