You Know…

  • You have been watching too many James Bond movies on Astro when you (without realising it) order food by saying, “Rice, Duck Rice.”

  • You have eaten too much when even loosening the buckle and unzipping all the way down doesn’t ease the discomfort.

  • You are pretty much fucked when you have real serious diarrhoea and you’re stuck in a traffic jam, driving a car with manual transmission. Going uphill.

  • You are truly Malaysian if you genuinely believe that the remains of your McDonald’s meal (food wrappers, paper cups, unfinished food) will magically disappear from the table as you leave the restaurant. Or that the stupid clown will clean it up for you.

  • You are still a child at heart when you set the Gaban theme song as your ringtone. Your boss looks at you funny when your phone rings during a meeting, and all you can do is to senyum terhegeh-hegeh.

  • You are a little lonely when you decide to take your mouse out for a stroll.




10 Responses

  1. hmmmm… who is that?

    anttyk: Absolutely no idea… 😉

  2. 1. Eh, you so free ah? Is this yet another new template?

    2. You are obsessed with food.

    3. Someone called Anuar once introduced himself to me as Noir, Drakkar Noir.

    anttyk: Hi Lils. Yes, this is another new template. I am still not happy with it. There is something inherently wrong with me – I am obsessed with blog templates. Not a day goes by without me wondering whether there are any other nicer templates out there. I love food too. Plus, I am currently waiting for Spiller’s comment. Heh.

  3. You know you’re obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy when you watched 4 episodes till 3am again, this morning..

    and i still have a wrestling match to official later, kthxbai.

    damn, you really that free ah?

    anttyk: Heh! You’re leading Spiller. You can do it!

  4. Do you feed your mouse?

    By the way, the photo of you with the daffodils… you hated it when I took it, saying that it made you look like you’re ossing. Hmmm… food for thought.

    anttyk: My mouse survives on chicken feed and rice. Somehow, based on the feedback I have received, people seem to favour this ossing-amongst-the-daffodils photo over the other photos I put up. People are strange, I tell you.

  5. that pic with the daffodils makess you look thoughtful. chicks dig that.

    anttyk: I thought I looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame taking a dump at Hampton Court Palace.

  6. HAHHAHA is that my 11 years old son walking his mouse during working hours?

    anttyk: Yes, it is. 🙂

  7. You know when you’re bored at the office when you post a ‘You Know’ list on you blog.


    anttyk: You know you are bored too when you put a ‘you know’ statement in the comments section of a ‘you know’ post.

  8. duck, duck rice

    luckily u didnt say

    im broke, brokeback

    anttyk: Oer… Your Bond impressions still need some work.

  9. man, you’re sad lar… get a dog ler…. :-p

    anttyk: I know… 😦


    You have been watching too many James Bond movies on Astro when you (without realising it) order food by saying, “Rice, Duck Rice.”

    anttyk: It really did happen. And the funniest thing is, the order was made in Cantonese. The look on the Duck Rice uncle’s face was priceless. Fan, Ngap Fan.

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