Embodiment of Eveel

Two nights ago, I stumbled across a place that is, in itself, the total embodiment of pure evil. The putrid stench of rotting carcasses overwhelmed my senses as I stood gazing at the dark, brooding doorway leading to depths so dark and forbidding that even the devil himself fears to traverse alone.

My goosebumps prickled as I crept slowly towards this effigy of rottenness, my heart frozen with fear.

This godforsaken place is ruled by a ruthless dictator. His monstrous countenance strikes fear into every mortal who dares enter his domain. His crimson red hair is covered by the blood of billions of martyrs sacrificed to feed his insatiable thirst for processed avian and bovine meat. His pale, ghostly white face radiates a sickness, amplified by his smile of pure malice.

The dictator dons an ensemble consisting a yellow tunic, red and white striped socks matched with unearthly, scarlet shoes. His diabolical purpose? To hypnotise his prey as they lay their eyes on him. Young children are most vulnerable to these psychological attacks.

Earth is doomed. Mankind is doomed. We are all in a world of shit.



I went to McDonald’s two nights ago.



10 Responses

  1. Does the dictator’s head turn 360 degrees?

    i’m lovin it, bleh

    anttyk: Oooo… Scary.

  2. Colonel ‘old man’ Sanders can kick Ronald ‘retarted’ McDonalds sorry ass to Oak Brook from Kentucky.

    Long Live Original Recipe!

    anttyk: Grandy’s pwns all. Hahahaha.

  3. Down with Original Recipe! Long Live Hot&Spicy!!!

    What on earth made you go to McDoom? It must have been a personal tragedy of cosmic proportions. Ossing in public on daffodils can’t be that bad!

    anttyk: Haha. I prefer Hot and Spicy too. I had no choice. It’s 11.00pm at night. Everything’s closed.

    Ossing in public on daffodils can be rather traumatic… For the daffodils.

  4. Somemore say dont wanna eat Maccas… tsk tsk..

    anttyk: I know… *hangs head in shame*

  5. Can still go to the Mamak place in Seapark where Max recommended right? no need McDoom mar… tsk tsk tsk…

    anttyk: I was alone la, Ah Pak. How to go mamak? 😦

  6. BK’s Whopper smacks McDoom’s Big Mac like the biatch it is.

    anttyk: Both also… Yuck. Heh.

  7. I prefer A&W.

    anttyk: The waffles and cooney dogs over there scare me.

  8. can still go one… u also do that mar..go mamak alone eat alone also.. be a loner lor… tsk tsk tsk…

    and i agree with “9”…. Whopper trash Big Mac…. BK rules!

    anttyk: Acherly, the Ramly Burger outside the Fire Station in SS2 rules all!

  9. Is that Ramly Burger still alive ar? been there a few times during Friday Night and Saturday night.. but the bugger seems to be close everytime.. like don’t want to do business

    anttyk: Yes it’s still alive. The place is open everytime I go there. It’s not everyday that you can get a real fireman to make you a burger… Well, you can if you go there everyday. Er… Shoot me.

  10. mmmm… Macca’s! i was there two nights in a row but not to eat. my friend and i found the most cost-effective and economical way to save a few moolahs.. share a large coke light and get plenty of refills. yahla.. very kiamsiap now. what to do..

    anttyk: Yeah. I understand what you are going through. Don’t worry, the month end is coming up. But then again, Christmas is around the corner. Here’s to huge credit card bills! Haha.

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