Statues and Pigeon Poop

Life is weird sometimes. You are seated in your car, waiting at the traffic lights, and you turn your head to admire the statue of some famous person who died hundreds of years ago doing something noble for mankind.

Your attention shifts, grabbed by the bright sunlight doing a mesmerising dance on your windscreen. You are fascinated with the myriad of colours and the sunlight’s sparkling diamond-like beauty, but it hurts your eyes – so you squint.

You drive pass some trees. You feel the cool, green shade soothe your skin. The dancing sunlight disappears as abruptly as it appeared.

Life is short. Whole lifetimes fly by in the blink of an eye. You are born. You work like a grunt your whole life to feed and sustain yourself (and your obsessions) until the day you kick the bucket. Doesn’t this sound a bit pointless?

There are people who say, “We are all put here on earth for a purpose. That is, to help others less fortunate than us.”

There are some who could care less. All they could think about are their own miserable little selfish lives.

The way I think of it is this: Even if there is no higher purpose to our existence on earth, we should choose to live a life that is dignified, one that will be remembered by the people we leave behind, one that touches other lives and inspires them to do likewise.

I don’t want statues built in my likeness to commemorate my life. Pigeons poop on statues. Some poor cleaner has to clean the poop, and he will hate me for it.

I wouldn’t want that on my conscience.


11 Responses

  1. so deep.. all i wanna say is: Life is short, work hard, player harder 😉

    anttyk: 🙂

  2. well, on some days you’ll feel either you’re the statue or the pigeon… life has its ups and down…

    anttyk: True…

  3. I’m sure one of these days someone would put up a statue of WeedyVoice.

    I want to be a pigeon.

    anttyk: Oh God, no! I hope not. A statue of weedyvoice?

  4. you’re getting old before your time.

    anttyk: Yeah sometimes, I feel really jaded and old. Must be EBAAMES. Empty Bank Account At Month End Syndrome.

  5. Your thoughts are too deep for my shallow understanding.

    i’ll pass…muahaha

    anttyk: Pffbbrrrttt! *I do that when I run out of words*

  6. btw..been meaning to tell you this. That pic of you with the yellow flower is so gay :p

    anttyk: Oh no!

  7. Reds Riding Hood should really be more specific about which yellow flower she is referring to.

    anttyk: Heh. Oss covered yellow flowers.

  8. red RH, not gay but kinda sweet. keke

    anttyk: Oh God, no! That’s it! I’m changing it.

  9. She said flower, not flowers… which oss covered yellow flower? Once the offending individual flower has been identified, all you need to do is to put a “hello kitty” plaster over it, then your masculinity will be restored.

    anttyk: My sister is obsessed with the yellow flower. May I know why? :p

  10. the yellow flowers are cool. reminds me of scenes from ‘the little house on the prairie’ (starring melissa gilbert — in the 80s man!!)

    anttyk: I have forgotten about that TV show until you brought it up… Wow.

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