Hot Sasquatch

It was early in the morning, and certain parts of my brain were still stuck in twilight zone, neither here nor there. I had dark rings around my eyes due to the lack of sleep, studying for an exam coming up in two week’s time.

I am already a decrepit old man, and yet, I have to suffer the indignity and anxiety of taking exams. Pffffttt!

Anyway, I digress. *where did that come from*

As I stepped into the office elevator, I beheld a really, really cute girl. Let’s just call her Hot Chick, shall we? She had a nice, friendly face framed by long ebony hair with big curls. She had eyes that sparkled and danced with laughter.

Hot Chick wore a beautifully cut jacket matched with an A-Line pleated skirt. Her crisp white blouse completed the ensemble. I remember thinking – this girl is very well groomed.

I would like to state my conviction here that roving eyes are bad. Bad bad bad! You’ll know why soon enough.

My eyes suddenly noticed black patches on Hot Chick’s nylon stockings. I did a double, nay, triple take.

Then it dawned on me. Oh my God… The girl’s got massive amounts of leg fuzz!!! And what’s more, they put mine to shame. And apparently, it’s gotten really hot and stuffy in there, so some of the hairs poked their heads out through Sasquatch Chick’s stockings looking for fresh air.

I swear on my hamster’s life that they were leg hair. Two inches long some more. Euuwww…

– – – – –

Say no to violence against women.

Take Back The Tech

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17 Responses

  1. Wahlau…u actually squat down and pull her hair (i mean leg hairs) out and measure how long… and sure boh.. more bushier and longer than yours? i remember your legs are quite hairless one wor… unless u telling me hers is much bushier that Lengus…

    then that is like Holy Shit!!! u should alot told her to shave mar… muahahaha

    anttyk: Vince, sometimes I feel like smacking you. *pikpiakpikpiak!*

  2. so mean. some people say hairy women are sexy. hehe but i don’t think so 😉

    anttyk: Women should be hairless. Hairy is not sexy at all. That’s why men are not called the fairer sex. 😛

  3. Joie au naturel…

    anttyk: Might as well not shave your armpits then…

  4. hormones dude. hormones.

    but that could also mean she has higher sex drive.. err.. yeah, that’s what i’ve heard.. that isn’t too bad right? 😉

    anttyk: All I can think of is euw… Shave la. Shave la.

  5. Hey, at least i am good on her, think of her well being… look at the others…all they could think of is those horny shit…

    anttyk: Uncle. I think you are missing the point here. All I am saying is this: The Hot Chick takes great care of every single aspect of her appearance, but forgot about one vital area, which can be easily taken care of. It’s a parody of our lives, we are often oblivious to our own shortcomings/failings/faults until others point it out to us.

  6. the fact that you know what an A-line pleated skirt is scares me. Are you sure you don’t bat for the other team?

    anttyk: I cross dress during the weekends. Shhh… Don’t tell anyone. Heheh.

  7. Ya hor…

    then i deserve the smacking from you…

    anttyk: … 😉

  8. Maybe she’s a he

    anttyk: Don’t think so…

  9. did u manage to get her number? we could ask her out for supper when i am back…


    anttyk: No need to work ah today? So free one?

  10. if she doesn’t shave her legs, think of the other areas which she might not shave. euwwwwww….

    anttyk: Her moustache? Shudder.

  11. i used to hv a ex-colleague, mere 5ft, 60kg, long hair.. she also din shave her legs one. u seen her before?

    anttyk: Don’t think so. 60 kg??? Wow.

  12. today got to work lar… but things are abit stressful, so using your blog to destress… hope u don’t mind..

    anttyk: Sigh… Go and play with Mama.

  13. spelling error… hehehe…..

  14. Mama in UK, me in Pattaya….so far apart… how to play with MAMA?

    anttyk: MSN, Skype, SMS, e-mail. Connectivity in this world these days is limited only by your imagination. Unless you are still using smoke signals, then, I can’t help you.

  15. thats a hairy tale. are sure leg hair and not some pubic extension?

    anttyk: All the way to her shins? That’s some pubic hair.

  16. hot chick got pic?

    anttyk: I wish I had. But it would have been too obvious.

  17. if i were there….sure videocam aldy n masuk to share la…


    anttyk: Christmas is around the corner. The Nokia N93 is a nice phone… Hint, hint.

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