Fun Fingers

TTJ is a girl. She’s a vegetarian. And she is cute. But, never ever disturb her when she is eating her lunch – in this case, a 1 foot long Subway Sandwich.


Beware. Or suffer the consequences. TTJ is the proud owner of an extremely dangerous finger. And she calls it The Pehsee Poker. For more finger fun, click here.

Have a good weekend guys!


13 Responses

  1. 0_o

    note to self: never mess with girl who can down a foot-long baguette.

    anttyk: She can walk up 19 flights of stairs and not break a sweat!

  2. spiller:
    ah, but then she’s a vegetarian. she’s probably to weak after her meal as she’s lacking in carbs. heh.

    she’s cute. tell her i said hi. heh.

    anttyk: OK. 😉

  3. TTJ….. damn rough lar you… sigh… anyway… That’s our TTJ…

    Cute gal..

  4. holly…… is this a CNN or something?

    I am going to kipnap that monkey’s phone one day! and put him alone with peng ku!

    anttyk: Hahaha. Daniel makes our lives interesting, don’t you agree?

  5. TTJ, this is what i call free advertising.. now u will have a score of admirer..starting with 9…!

  6. -_- ||

  7. TTJ doesn’t like sausage? Is it because she can’t find 1-foot sausage?

    anttyk: She doesn’t eat meat… 😉

  8. Too Much meat is not healthy…..


    Must eat some greens too…


    anttyk: Beer is better. Cheers. Hic!

  9. stout lagi best =D

    anttyk: What if you found out one day that Guinness’ secret ingredient is meat? What would you do?

  10. I prefer Vodka Martini… Shaken not Stirrrrr………….

    beer can get beer belly…

    anttyk: You’ve already got one.

  11. ehh wot happen to my comment? shame TTJ only main sayur.

    anttyk: Strange. I don’t know what happened to it. I remember commenting on it though.

  12. hahaha!!! bleeeehhhh =P~~
    TTJ enjoys being Herbivore =D

    anttyk: Lembu. *runs away*

  13. nice middle finger there….i wonder if she makan KFC, which finger she will lick :p

    anttyk: Why don’t you go ask her? Hehehehe.

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