Shoe Thieves

I was having lunch with Rara today. Nothing special, just maggi mee soup and limau ais. The topic of conversation started with our Firm’s upcoming Annual Dinner and subsequently moved on to Chinese festivals and finally, religion.

“Eh, are you going to the mosque today?” I asked Rara.

“Nope. Not today. Hmm…” scratches his chin, thoughtfully.

I assumed that he just did not feel like going to his Friday prayers.

Rara continued, “Actually, I can skip going to mosque. As long as I don’t miss two consecutive Fridays, I should be fine.”

“Haha, so you go on alternate Fridays?” I joked.

Rara looked horrified. He quickly stated, “No, no, no! The reason I am not going is because I didn’t drive to work today.”

I raised my eyebrow and stared at Rara quizzically. I know for a fact that Rara goes to the mosque near the office, which is situated a mere 200 meters away. My puzzled look prompted Rara to explain.

“I left my flip flops in the car.”

“Can’t you wear your shoes to the mosque?” I queried.

Rara looked at me with resignation etched on his face. He sighed and muttered, “If I leave my shoes at the doorway of the mosque, they’d be stolen.”

Well, I guess, if you already are an accomplished shoe thief, who swipes footwear from places of worship for a living, you wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about stuff like divine retribution, sinning and lighting bolts.

I wonder how many shoes get stolen every Friday. And if your shoes are stolen after prayers, what would you do? Borrow? Steal someone else’s? Maybe you can curi the Imam’s slippers.

Heh heh.


3 Responses

  1. getting one’s footwear stolen is the bane for friday-prayer goers. i once had my RM3.50 selipar jepon busuk swiped from the mosque. itu pun mahu curi ka?

    damn kleptos. i hope u die of sifilis.

    anttyk: Then, how did you leave the place after prayers?

  2. Well, its a chain effect, mine got stolen… hmmm…..drastic action needed.. just grab whatever shoes or slippers available… and this action will go on until the last man leaves the mosque and…. he has nothing left for him…

    what am i mumbling about.. Antass u understand me?? me neither!! muhahahaaa

    Have a good weekend peeps…

    anttyk: Have a good weekend, Vince.

  3. One boy in the office had his slippers stolen one fateful Friday prayers.

    The next Friday, he borrowed MY cute, trendy, girly, expensive slippers without telling me.

    He came back with mofo ugly slippers in HIS size.


    True story.

    anttyk: Haha. I didn’t you know that you wore girly slippers. How girly is girly?

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