Bouncy Beach Volleyballs

Sometimes, the sh*t that gets printed in our daily newspapers crack me up. Here is a priceless excerpt from a news article published by the Associated Press on the Women’s Beach Volleyball competition at the Asian Games:

“DOHA, Qatar: When Salim Al-Nabit and his friends went out to see beach volleyball for the first time, they left their wives at home. Al-Nabit said he was willing to force himself to watch the skimpily clad women play, but that he certainly wouldn’t want his wife watching. He was only there himself, he said, because it was a matter of national honor.”

Link to the rest of the article can be found here.

Excuse me??? He is willing to force himself to watch skimpily clad, attractive young women bounce (opps, sorry I meant jump) around on an artificial beach? Such noble attributes, I must say. *hint of sarcasm*

Since it’s a women’s beach volleyball competition, shouldn’t they let the women watch the game, instead of the pervs (men)? Well, considering the fact that they have the same bits and all. Oh well…

Sometimes human logic is a little beyond my grasp.


The accompanying photo caught my attention. If you compete for your nation, we can safely assume that you play quite a bit of the sport, right? Then let me ask you this: Why do the two Iraqi sisters look like they have not seen the sun since the day they were born? And would you look at the love handles on Number 1?

Oh yeah, back to Mr Salim Al-Nabit. After the game, he admitted that he enjoyed himself. Cheh!


I’ve got studytiredeyesexhaustedmind syndrome. It’s worse than PMS, so don’t mind me.


16 Responses

  1. WTF? this should be NSFW!!

    on another note, i totally agree with u bro! the iraqians looks… unhealthy 😛

    anttyk: Eh? NSFW? Where got?

  2. phwoarrrr.. the Oriental chicks can certainly cause a nosebleed…

    I’d die for their tan!!!! 😉

    anttyk: Those Japanese chicks sure had nice tans.

  3. The wives prolly prefer to watch football. I know I would.

    anttyk: Yeah, but the football players would be all covered up.

  4. I word to that MAN…..


    anttyk: Just like you, my bro… Heh. 😉

  5. HAHA…at least we are all blessed only having a look on the backside…IF only they have a front view of those 2 girls…

    anttyk: What if they have nice faces?

  6. oh god, they even hv VPLs!

    this is where wearing a hijjab or buqara helps. :p

    anttyk: All I could think of these few days is Bridget Jones’ HUGE underpants. Help me.

  7. my gosh you guys…. such critics of the female physique! you guys don’t have love handles???

    anttyk: Well, we were just wondering how it is possible for someone to represent her country at Beach Volleyball and yet appear to be so unhealthy – no tan whatsoever and slightly overweight.

    Sadly, I’ve got a beer belly. 😦

  8. If you could stop getting distracted by the love handles, no. 1 has got very brown arms…

    anttyk: I think it’s just a shadow. Either that or, she’s got really hairy arms. Hahaha.

  9. u got that kawaii picture there……hehe

    anttyk: I’m glad you like it. BKT on Sunday?

  10. forgot to add…how come those iragi body macam kena bombed b4…need reconstruction la…

    anttyk: Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

  11. i like jepun. very nice. thank you very muchhhhhhhhhhh!

    anttyk: Me too! 😀

  12. oik. another template. you so free meh?

    anttyk: I am obsessive compulsive. 😛

  13. Antass, This template is too simple. i prefer
    the previous one.

    anttyk: I thought it was a little too gay?

  14. Wei, this is damn ugly lar… use the yellow flower template..

    anttyk: Really that bad meh?

  15. Really lar, this one is ugly…and also the green at the side is really too bright and also its hurting to the eyes…

    Still the yellow one is best…

    anttyk: Gay, but nice? Hmm…

  16. next time if u can include some video or link from youtube even better. just a suggestion

    anttyk: Okay…

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