Exam Blues

Waiting for the examination to start.

Some stand around idly. Some chat loudly with friends. Some are hunched over their books frantically flipping pages. Some, like me, stare blankly into space – stoned looks indicative of the lack of sleep and the anxiety of what’s in store.

200 questions. 4 hours. It is my personal belief that exam hall maintenance personnel are penguins. How else can you explain the Arctic-like conditions? If the exam was any longer, we’d all be sitting there with icicles hanging from our noses.

I won’t tell you how I did. But I believe I can show you.


 * * * * *

Well, a reason to be ‘obi’ about this weekend.

Blackburn 1 – The Toon 3 whee…


12 Responses

  1. Haha… reminds me of my college years….

    Btw, keeping my fingers crossed for a Gunners win tonite..:-)

    anttyk: Aiyo. So close. Still 1 – 1 isn’t that bad. 😉

  2. I’m sure you’ll ace it. You seem a bright guy, even if you had a thing about yellow flowers :p

    Good luck mate. And congrats on your 3 points.

    anttyk: Thank you Lils. Yellow stuff encourages creativity… :o)

  3. Liverpool rules!!!!! yeah!!!!! LIVERPOOL….. !!!!


    anttyk: Sigh… There’s a car fender, go chase it.

  4. best of luck! l CPA papers?

    anttyk: Thanks! Certified Information Systems Auditor paper.

  5. Roeder’s job is safe, for now at least? 😛

    anttyk: For another week at least… 🙂

  6. Oi! Kam beck tu HantooBohlah! Wi mis u!

    anttyk: Din-ners, wot makes you think I left?

  7. The Gunners rules too…. yahoo…….!!!!! yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah…!!!!!!

    anttyk: Working in Singapore doesn’t seem to agree with you. It’s starting to mess with your brain.

  8. You can did it?

    anttyk: You can did it all night long!

  9. No…singapore treating me well, its the Fatty’s Sickness… his dumbass sickness that been infecting me…

    Yahoo…!!! Liverpool is Best… Gunners Rules….. whatever castle… move over…

    Yeah yeah yeah…..!!

    anttyk: Sigh…

  10. Canot give out Green Fanta here too huh?

    anttyk: Apparently, the green hurts people(s) eyes. 😦

  11. Hey! G’luck.. perhaps I’m already too late to wish you but I’m sure you did well 🙂

    anttyk: Thank you. I hope so too…

  12. wish u good luck!!!!! got snapped some pic inside?

    anttyk: Wahlau, exam also want to snap pics? Stress man…

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