Quickie – Green

My regular readers (yes, there’s two them!) would have noticed the radioactive green template I used last week. My apologies for causing them so much mental anguish.

And so to make it up to them, here’s a quickie joke, which is all they are getting until I come up with a better post.

What’s green and smells like pork?             Kermit’s finger.



3 Responses

  1. am i one of the two?

    i’ve got another one. wht’s green and will turn into red with a push of a button?

    kermit in a blender.

    anttyk: Do you have any more Kermit jokes?

  2. who’s kermit??

    anttyk: Kermit is green froggie. You can find him here.

  3. oi, black and white stripes lah. where’s the loyalty? :p

    anttyk: I’ll KIV the suggestion until the next itchy-finger-template-changing session. Heh.

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