Fear Not

When tragedy strikes. When the fate of human civilisation hangs in a balance. When all hope is lost. Who would you call?

Forget Superman. He’s busy gelling his hair.

Ignore Spiderman. Garfield’s just squashed him with a rolled up newspaper.

Don’t bother Bruce Willis. He died saving Earth from that itty bitty meteorite.

Forget Cicakman. He’s busy looking for his lost tail.



Fear not! Humtanman* is here!


Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

– – – –
*Humtan = Salted Duck Egg


6 Responses

  1. I think your humtans are supposed to be angled upwards slightly…

    Two words- Mark Tan.

    anttyk: Mark Tan,
    Mentang-mentang jadi Gaban,
    Sangat suka makan jiauban,
    Ku tendang dia masuk jamban.


  2. HAHA..u left out GABAN!!!!
    …but in our realistic world (especially in Malaysia)…you should call Michael Chong!!!..he will kaotim your problems..AHHAHAHA

    anttyk: Ultraman pwns Gaban.

  3. wei, tak ada kerja ka?

    now, drop those eggs and go back to work. :p

    anttyk: Friday mah… Not a productive day.

  4. the scariest thing is you actually have time do this and then post it. your exam sudah habis meh?

    anttyk: Lils, itu exam was last Saturday.

  5. u forgot the red egg on your chest 😛

    nice weekend saving the world ya?

    anttyk: With my humtan, I can do anything!

  6. Wei, how come your hair looks thinnner than last time?

    anttyk: Waaaaaaaaaa… 😦

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