A Time for Thanksgiving

Christmas season. This time of year brings to mind images of snow, good ol’ Saint Nick, reindeer, hot chocolate with marshmallows, stockings, family members, fire places, turkey, crackers, fir trees, Jim Reeves crooning Christmas carols on the stereo and presents.


I have always loved Christmas. 

I remember one year, my parents got Muks and I each a pair of rollerskates. We loved those skates to bits. We had wanted skates for ages, so you can imagine how chuffed we were back then.

I guess as kids, our priorities and wants were much, much simpler. All we needed were friends, some toys to play with and our parents to not whoop our asses when we f*ck up.

As we grow older, our dreams and desires become evermore elaborate and costly. Our innocence left on the wayside of neglect as we pursue bigger and better things – in our careers, relationships, love lives. Adult life is not simple. We become conniving, complicated, confused, covetous creatures, always wanting more.

I don’t want to be like this. I want to be content.

I am glad that I have a good steady job. I am extremely thankful that my health is in great condition. I feel blessed that I have enough money to spend – and not go hungry. Most of all, I thank God for Seekarlui. She has been my companion, support system and friend. I won’t know what I’d do without her.

Maybe it’s time for us all to think about all the blessings we have and often take for granted – and be thankful. Instead of dwelling on what we don’t or can’t have.

This is the season to think of our loved ones. Be thankful for them and cherish them – for they won’t be around forever.

The commercialisation of Christmas is a terrible thing. Instead of focusing on the actual meaning of Christmas – which is God’s love for man – we are distracted by all the shiny material crap screaming for our attention.

Christmas is not about presents. It’s not about receiving presents. It’s not about partying and getting drunk sh*tfaced either.

Maybe it helps, when we think about the fact that there are many, many less fortunate people out there in this world. There are people going hungry, who have no shelter, no home to call their own, no one to love them. Instead they are shunned, abused and forgotten.

Human beings are inherently short-sighted. Out of sight, out of mind or so they say. If we don’t experience the suffering of others first hand, we conveniently ignore it.

All I am saying is this: Think.

Think about all the good things we have. Be thankful. And if possible, try to make some one else’s life better. Be it a smile. A friendly greeting. A helping hand. We are all human beings. We are, after all, one big family, regardless of faith, race or creed.

Have a truly blessed Christmas!


13 Responses

  1. i don’t believe in Santa, but what the heck, i love holidays! 😛

    nice hat on that fish, by the way.

    anttyk: If you still believe in Santa, I’d be really worried. Heh.

  2. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… just like the one we had last year (imagine Jim Reeves’ voice singing it). It was cold, but so worth it! Paddy enjoyed it too.

    Hmmm… roller skates. I remember one of us being pushed around like a lawnmower.

    anttyk: Haha. I remember that!

  3. Merry Christmas! didnt realize seekarlui is your special someone. 😀

    anttyk: Merry Christmas, sic.

  4. u mean santa’s not real? noooooooooo!

    anttyk: There, there.

  5. Can you tell santa i want both Mikey and the Mickey Mouse cup in my stocking?

    Merry Christmas. Jiggle jiggle all your balls.

    anttyk: I doubt that they’d fit. I want Mikey too… To get better and start playing, that is.

  6. dude,

    exam sudah habis, back to the pointlessly philisophical postings…

    exam hall cold leh!!!…tell me about it…

    can pass lah boss, if i can, you……..errrrr, should be able to lah…gerenti!

    how’d the datuk fare?

    anttyk: Philosophical postings? Since when? 😛 Datuk left the hall waaaayyyy before the exam finished. Damn confident, oh.

  7. oh yeah,

    and gong xi fa cai to you too…

    anttyk: Happy Deepavali to you too.

  8. Your posts can sometimes go to two extremes. Just a couple of weeks back you posted a picture of your phlegm and now you’re writing about being appreciative for what you have. Nice. I like the bipolar thinking you have! 🙂

    I THINK… I’m thankful that while eating breafast in my cold office cubicle, I have your blog post to entertain me. How about that!?

    anttyk: I surprise myself at times, with the things I do. :o)

  9. Merry X’mas to my only Toon friend! Though we are almost a generation apart, I still can understand all your gibberish! Truly a blessing!


    anttyk: Eh? 7 years is not a generation. Pffffbbrrrtttt! :p

  10. hey! been trying to leave comments on your blog but i think its my blogger account acting up on me. aikzz..

    anyway, lovely post. Xmas is about love in all forms.

    Have a blessed Xmas 🙂

    anttyk: Merry Christmas, Lyn.

  11. Liverpool!!!! Rocks….. Happi Christmas to all of you from Kiasuland…

    anttyk: Idiot. I thought you’re coming back?

  12. Nice tree.. Have a blessed Christmas!

    anttyk: Merry Christmas, Fong May!

  13. cannot lar… have things to do back in kiasu land.. but confirm coming back on for New Year Celebration…

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