Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas eve today. Countless people around the world will be celebrating and having fun – with friends, family, loved ones.

Kids will be going to bed early, trying their hardest to fall asleep. It will be hard, so you can tell them this malarky bedtime story.

Once upon a time, there lived a rich man. He had a wife and three daughters whom he loved very much. One cold winter however, the rich man’s wife died of an illness leaving him and his daughters distraught. Having spent all his money trying to find a cure for his wife, the family moved into a small cottage.

Over the next few years, when the rich man’s daughters have grown up, the father became even more depressed. His daughters could not marry – as he had no money for dowries. 

One night after the daughters had washed their clothing, they hung their stockings over the fireplace to dry. That very same night, Saint Nicholas, knowing the despair of the father, stopped by the cottage. Peering through the window, Saint Nicholas saw that the family was fast asleep. He also noticed the stockings.

Saint Nicholas climbed up onto the roof of the cottage and took three small bags of gold from his pouch. He tossed the gold bags one by one down the chimney. Magically, the bags landed in the stockings.

When the daughters awoke the next morning, they were greeted by a surprise. They found that their stockings each contained a gold bag. There is enough gold for them to be married.

The father and the daughters lived happily ever after.

* * *

Remember: Please refrain from playing with fireworks on Christmas eve. You might hit Santa. And there won’t be any presents for you naughty boys and girls.


Merry Christmas, boys and girls!

* * *

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee… Newcastle 3 : Totingham 1

I am happy.


7 Responses

  1. Merry Christmas Anttyk, Seerkalui and Muks :*

    Congrats Geordie!!!! Looks like you don’t need the lil one..ahem..

    anttyk: Thanks Lils! Happy hols!

  2. Merry Christmas Old Man… 🙂

  3. i almost fall asleep reading that story 😛

    going back to work after holiday always make.. me..
    sleep..y.. zzzz

  4. a good christmas but a sucky boxing day.

    we both lost to a bunch of thugs. 😦

  5. santa and fanta is the same?


  6. a better, happier ending would have been if st. nick brought down a nice, cute guy with him down the chimney… and he better not be a chimney sweeper 🙂 that’s what li’l grrls should be dreaming of.

    hope you had a great christmas 😉

  7. Vince,

    Merry Christmas you old fart.


    It was meant to be a bed time story after all… zzz


    Yeah man… Damn depressing.


    Not the same.


    One guy, to be shared by three girls? Can ah?

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