Patrick Teoh


10 things I learnt about Patrick Teoh in 2006:

  1. Patrick Teoh walks around with a toilet seat draped around his neck all the time.

  2. Patrick Teoh is not very tall.

  3. Patrick Teoh is the reason why my entire firm (all 1600 employees) uses Nia Mah (your mother in Cantonese) as the Preferred Swear Word these days.

  4. If not for his deep and commanding voice, Patrick Teoh will pass as a fruit seller at the local pasar malam.

  5. Patrick Teoh loves fluffy little bunnies and jelly filled donuts.

  6. Patrick Teoh is the reason why the earth spins on its axis. He farts once and the energy released spins the world for 10 whole years.

  7. Patrick Teoh pwns Mojo Jojo.

  8. Patrick Teoh dresses up as Elvis in his spare time. He looks good in that white sparkly suit.

  9. Patrick Teoh loves auditors and accountants. Preferably baked, with potatoes.

  10. Patrick Teoh will become Malaysia’s next Prime Minister.


6 Responses

  1. ooh, i like that, ‘nia mah’.

    i think i’ll start using it.

    “nia mah, christina”

    anttyk: Hahahaha. Nia mah Jose. Nia mah Fergit. Nia mah Sam.

  2. the stage looks creative. where was that?

    anttyk: My firm’s annual dinner at KL Hilton held last Friday.

  3. he’s actually a friend. lol.

    anttyk: I wish I knew him…

  4. I hated working with Patrick and Indi Nadarajah. They are both arrogant twats. Mano Maniam used to be a sweetie but now sudah jadi grumpy old man.

    Nia mah Christina.Nia mah Looney. Nia mah Fergit. Nia mah Mo the Ho. Nia mah Robben. Nia mah Crotchless. Nia mah err..Ms Karma!

    Nia mah. Nia mah. Nia mah.

    I like this 😀

    anttyk: Nia mah is very contagious.

  5. all hail mr patrick…the first ever dj I called and talked to during his late nite ghost shows. The SUmmer of 69 does not sound as good as it did years ago… 😦

    anttyk: Yeah, so true. The funniest thing I remember about Patrick’s Radio 4 DJ-ing days was the fact that he was always summoned to the Information Minister’s office (I think it was Mohamad Rahmat, at the time) for his ‘interesting’ method of dealing with idiots.

    Patrick (deep manly voice): Hi, Radio 4.

    Idiot: Harlow, is this Laydio Four ah?

    *toooooooooooooooot* Line mysteriously disconnected.

    After the ‘warning’, Patrick would come back on air and bitch about it. Brings back good memories.

  6. haha he rocks man!

    anttyk: He does…

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