A New Beginning

It’s a new year. The old has gone, and the new has come. The fat lady has sung. And she’s a little out of pitch.

As I reminisce, I think back on a year that has been a frustrating one for me. I hit road blocks, got my share of oh-fuck-it-all moments, lost my head a couple of times (on the futsal pitch).

I have to admit that 2006 was not a great year for me. I felt that my life had stagnated in all areas that matter – career, life and relationship. I was going nowhere, and felt confused and frustrated. As confused as a baby stuck in Hugh Hefner’s mansion.

There were so many negative experiences for me personally in 2006 I sometimes wish I could erase the entire year from my memory. It’s a pity I can’t rewind time.


Some of the things that happened in 2006 make me really, really wince. But then, I realise that the negative things I experienced in 2006 will teach me to be tougher and wiser.

Lessons in life are never gentle. You learn the hard way, you get your ass whooped until it blooms and you can’t sit for a month of Sundays. However, once the lessons are learnt, you become better equipped to manage new problems that cross your path in the future.

I feel that I have learned much this year. I am still a little nuts – so I guess that’s one part of me that will never change.

I just don’t want to be old and jaded. Maybe it’s because I simply refuse to accept the truth – that I am thirty years ooooooooooooooold…

Thirty and still poorer than a church mouse. Sigh. But I look on the bright side. I’ve got people who still love me (surprisingly) and wonderful friends.

As I peer forward into the horizon, I can only sense an air of optimism. The future is bright. This new year promises much for me. If you are willing, you are warmly invited to take this ride with me.

Thanks 2006.

PS: It is my sincere hope that the new year brings you happiness, health and success in all your endeavours!


9 Responses


    here’s a smashing year ahead for us both. I’ll hit the big 3-0 this coming OCT.

    anttyk: Happy new year, scorkes! Thirty sometimes feels so old… Especially when I am surrounded by young cikus fresh out from university. Sigh… But nevermind, as long as we’re young at heart, things will be fine! Right? Right? Right?

  2. All the best for 2007. Make new ex-es, and hit new ex-tremes, as much as you create new experiences.

    anttyk: Thanks. I’ll keep you guys updated on my lawnbowl lessons. 😀

  3. 2006 was not all that bad. u had the opportunity to bask before my eternal glory and august presence. :p

    anttyk: August presence? You king ah? How come suddenly Malaysia got extra king one? Hmm…

  4. how i wish i was 30 again. :p

    anttyk: … I dunno what to say to that sic. 😉

  5. here’s to those born in 70’s. we are awesome!


    anttyk: Yes! Seventies babies are cool. We know what Charlie Chickadee is. I still can’t get over 9’s ‘august’ comment. August, august, august…

  6. Once you are a fourty and fat, you can hit on 19yo girls. Something to look forward to innit? You have 10 years to reach your goal. Good luck!

    anttyk: Why can’t I start now? Practice makes perfect, or so they say. 😉

  7. Hot apek, we still love you despite…. 🙂

    anttyk: I love you too, Fong May.

  8. Happy New Year Antass…

    May this coming year brings better luck for all of us…

    However, Liverpool still ROCKS!!!!!


    anttyk: Happy new year Old Man.

  9. happy post new year man! 2007 will be an exciting. becos got spiderman 3. hahah!

    anttyk: Happy new year. Can’t wait for Transformers.

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