Banks in Sabah

A colleague of mine was scheduled to leave for Sabah on assignment. He seemed a little concerned with the availability of ATMs in Sabah, a mythical land where people are rumoured to live in trees and sport really long ear lobes.

Whyinn: Err… Kota Kinabalu got Arr-Ech-Bee one ah?

anttyk: Got.

Whyinn: ATM leh? Got one ah?

anttyk (sarcastically): Actually, I’m mistaken. There are no West Malaysian banks in Sabah. What we have is just Sabah Bank. This dates back to the agreement made between North Borneo and Malaya way back in 1963 before the formation of Malaysia.

Whyinn (senses my sarcasm): Oh…

Our conversation was interrupted by the frantic scrambling sounds emanating from the next cubicle. Big Mouse appeared, all flustered – anxiety written all over his face.

Big Mouse: Oh my God, really ah? All the banks in Sabah are Sabah Banks? Die lah…

Whyinn and me (hysterically):

Big Mouse slunk away with his little tail between his legs.

(I think I can be quite mean at times. Sigh.)


4 Responses

  1. my friend said the hookers in sabah are more superior.

    anttyk: Really ah? Big Mouse would be really interested in this piece of information.

  2. flight delayed 2 hours. chibek niamah MAS. not even a free blowjob offered.

    anttyk: Hahaha. Kesian sungguh.

  3. I salute BIG MOUSE….!! HE is really that dumb!??

    anttyk: Intelligence or the lack of it is subjective.

  4. hey,

    Isn’t that bugger Whyinn from Sabah too?

    anttyk: Technically, that bugger is from Labuan.

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