Mini Mini Bang Bang

I went to 1 Utama last Saturday afternoon. I bought the following stuff:

  • Three magazines
  • One bottle of mineral water
  • One bottle of Chilean red (a cab-sav)

It took me just 10 minutes to grab all the stuff I needed. As I left the place, I noticed a huge throng of people shuffling slowly in front of me. My kaypoh-ness kicked in and so, I hurried forward.


I saw a family strolling slowly along – all in a straight line, across the walkway – completely oblivious to the huge disgruntled crowd stuck behind them and trailing in their wake.

I finally left the shopping center and reached my car. As I was about to leave the car park, I had to stop to give way to a Nissan Terrano reversing out of his parking space.

I noticed a Mini parked illegally, three feet behind the Terrano. I remember thinking to myself – the Terrano is never going to make it.

You’ll never be able to guess what happened next.

The Terrano backed up and backed up and backed up. No signs of stopping.

I winced.

Winced some more.

Eeeeeee. The suspense was killing me.

Crunch! Oh no.

The Terrano shifted gears and eased forward. But before you could say – Datuk K did not pay his wedding contractor – the Terrano was back.

Craannnnnnnk! The sound of crumpling metal was quite hard to bear.

And again, for good measure. Craaaannnncococrunch! By this time, my jaw had already dropped to the floor. 😮 I think there was some dribbling involved as well, but I’m not too sure.

The Nissan Terrano finally drove off – nary a scratch on it.

I picked up my jaw, readjusted it and drove after the Terrano. I looked left at the mangled mess of metal that was once a Mini.

Vigilante justice. Sure. Some KL drivers are real arses anyway, they think it’s their god-given right to park wherever they fancy.

Numbnuts Mini driver learned a painful lesson that day.

So, the lesson of the day is this: Do not park illegally – especially when the parked car you are impeding is a huge ass four-wheel drive.

From Sabah.



11 Responses

  1. see, this is why i’m on the lookout for some ‘retired’ bradley fighting vehicles.

    good for mowing down ‘mat rempits’. :p

    anttyk: The old square Land Rover Defenders will do the job.

  2. Good one! If I was there I would have given the Terrano driver a standing ovation. That’ll teach all this ‘babak punya jalan” arsehole some sense and courtesy.

    anttyk: Haha. I wanted to do it, but was too shocked at the moment.

  3. so the lesson is

    avoid 1 Utama? or

    dont drive a mini?

    anttyk: Avoid 1 Utama. Go to Mega Mall instead. Weekends in Bandar Utama’s a real nightmare.

  4. kalau langgar ada bunyi ..

    tee hee! 😛

    anttyk: :o)

  5. let me guess, 3 magazines:
    Cosmo, FHM and Maxim? 😛

    anttyk: Cosmo? Alamak. It’s actually Cleo, Hot and NW. Me not so intellectual.

  6. Dei,

    Have you seen Midvalley in the weekends?

    anttyk: Yes. I don’t go there anymore. 🙂

  7. I hate all these big cars. Always bullying small cars.

    anttyk: My Sabahan genes dictate that I have to love big cars… Hehehe. :p

  8. Bravo to the big car… I think u should use your RAV4 to finish off the Mini… put the owner out of misery….

    3 magazines??

    Playboy, playboy and playboy…

    anttyk: Playboy available in Malaysia meh?

  9. good things come in small packages 😀

    anttyk: I think so too…

  10. Got playboy in Malaysia.. u need to know where the suppliers are located…

    anttyk: Your room, I presume?

  11. Now you can understand my Hilux obsession eh? 🙂

    anttyk: Yes, I do… I’m a Sabahan, so I do. Really. We have more 4WD in one state compared to the whole of Malaysia! All your 4WDs are belong to us.

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