Hypocritical Inconsistent Contradictator

I will not buy pirated music CDs BUT I will also not think twice about buying pirated box sets of Battlestar Gallactica Seasons 1 and 2.

I love trees and flowering plants BUT I am unwilling to have a garden in my home.

I profess to love nature BUT I drive a gas guzzling 4WD.

I claim to love my job BUT I bitch about it every chance I get.

I dislike pop BUT I love Paris Hilton’s songs (it’s all sic’s fault).

I like money a whole damn lot BUT I get rid of it as soon as I get it.

I think I am a hypocrite. The only constant in my life is my inconsistent behaviour. So, before a group of guys dressed in white robes carrying torches start knocking on my door, let me just say this:

Every single person on earth is one. Well, except for Mother Theresa and George Dubya Bush. But one’s a saint and the other’s a monkey, so my statement still holds true.

We are all inconsistent contradictory hypocrites. We are all creatures of comfort (we crave it, we lust for it). After all, we will only support something as long as it’s not too inconvenient or asks too much of us. Yes, no?

Sean is pissed at the hippopotamuses. She is also waiting for sic6sense to visit her.

We want cleaner air and better environments yet we litter like bugs and swear like sailors. We embrace this exasperating ‘it-is-none-of-my-business’ attitude and yet get upset when we receive no assistance when we are in need. We chuck our wrappers, cigarette butts, trash, grandmothers out of car windows. We refuse to clean up after ourselves after a meal at a fast food restaurant.

We claim to be a modern race, yet we behave like we have just climbed down from trees. We are all hypocrites. Hippo. Hippo. Hippo. Creets. Gobbledegook.

And, to deny that you are one proves that you are one. There is no escape for you.

Welcome to the club.

Oh and by the way, how will you be paying your membership fees? Cash or card?


7 Responses

  1. Exactly how have I offended you?!?!?! That photo serves no purpose other than to get me to yell at you! Under an entry that is titled Hypocritical Inconsistent Contradictor, too, you hantu

    anttyk: Heheheheheheh. :p

  2. wait, u chuck grandmothers out of car windows?

    anttyk: Er, yeah. I like the sound they make when they hit the road. *splat*

  3. Paris Hilton??? You and sic are both bimbos. Kesian Sean.

    anttyk: We most definitely are not! We’re hot. In fact, we’re very hot.

  4. you must have small grandmas. or big car windows.

    anttyk: Oh yes, I do. :o)

  5. Ya, tell me about contradicting. I hate teen soap dramas, yet I never miss an episode of One Tree Hill (gasp!)

    anttyk: Do you still fall asleep watching TV late at night?

  6. cum to papa SEAN baby!!

    i love you but anttyk wont let me meet yew.

    anttyk: Sean is now hiding under a table, shuddering…

  7. its okay.. i can so relate to this. I am still unsure about your love for Paris Hilton’s songs…..



    anttyk: Happy new year, Lyn. Oh and Paris rocks! Muahahaha.

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