Happy Shopping

Who says guys don’t go shopping? We just need the proper sort of motivation.


Black and white. My favourite two colours.


Sea horses and tigers make me happy.



12 Responses

  1. is the persatuan bolasepak malaysia to wash your car with?

    anttyk: I’m wearing it now! I have been known to chase lost causes…

  2. hey taitai,

    how much was the malaysian one…can you get me one also?


    anttyk: Can. RM89. What size?

  3. president of FAM sure give you personalized thank you letter for being the only customer. :))

    anttyk: Errr… Who’s the president of FAM these days?

  4. I think my liverpool jersey looks better lor .. 😛

    anttyk: Black and white looks good on all… Red makes me look like a dried up tomato. :p

  5. wah, buy newcastle jersey free FAM one ah? good deal wo..

    anttyk: I have yet to see big kaplahs jumping in the streets.

  6. eh.. u wanna replace that Magpie guy in EPL Club? i recommend u lah. *wink*
    can get closer to Charlie Webber also. *wink wink*

    anttyk: I’m not good looking enough to be on TV. May scare people.

  7. Eh…. I want Liverpool ones.. can u help me to get one? i’ll pay u back when i am in Malaysia… Can?

    Liverpool rules…!

    anttyk: Go buy it yourself in Singapore. Pfffbbrrtt! :o)

  8. Hmm, I’m thinking of getting the black Malaysia polo tee too. RM 89 eh? Sounds good.

    *scurries to Nike at irst World Plaza*

    anttyk: Go go go! (acherly, in reality it is very hard to imagine Din doing any scurrying anywhere)

  9. Heheh, just got mine. Fits really nice. Thank God for XXL.

    anttyk: XXL? I did not know you could get that size here… :p

  10. This is what u call as friends lar… ask u to help me get Liverpool jersey and u ask me to get it myself. :0)

    Some friend u are… sigh…


    anttyk: More choices available in Singapore, uncle.

  11. taitai,

    RM89? Oklah, XL can? or is L better?

    Let me know k!

    anttyk: L is a safer bet bro. You want me to courier it to you? Or get my sis to pass it to you? She’s coming back for CNY.

  12. No, I want you to be seen buying Liverpool and no longer Newcastle.. muahaha

    anttyk: Cheh! Cheap trick.

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