C. Lengus, Fish Car, Eileen, Chosim, Nicole, Maxie, siao yue, Balak* and I went to visit a colleague, Hero, at his home last Saturday. He was travelling from KL to Gohtong Jaya, where he met with a serious accident and sustained horrific injuries.

He broke his left radius, his helmet, his teeth, suffered terrible facial injuries and scratches all over his arms and legs.

Hospital personnel: Wahhh… Teruknya injury you! Apasal? Motorcycle accident?

Hero (softly): No, bicycle.

Hospital personnel: Ha??? Bicycle? Ini kena langgar ke, hit and run?

Hero (embarrased): Er… Jatuh sendiri.


Apparently, Hero was out cycling with a group of his friends. He was going downhill when he hit a rock. Panicking, he hit the front brakes and flew like superman over the handlebars.

*wheeeeee* *splat* *ouch*

We cringed as he told us how the doctors put his snapped bone back into place. We winced as he showed us pictures of his face just after the accident. He told us how he could not eat solids, just fluids for a whole week.

The worse thing is that he is staying alone, without a girlfriend. His parents do not know about the accident as he does not want them to worry.


We wish Hero a speedy recovery.

*Some of these characters are described in the Who’s who section.


12 Responses

  1. OUCH!

    anttyk: Yeah. Exactly. Very, very OUCHie…

  2. … and aptly named ‘hero’ too.

    good game geordies! coming back from a goal down each time. :p

    anttyk: That was a really, really stressful game…

  3. on behalf of Lily: is he cute? 😛

    anttyk: Hahaha. Lils asks that all the time, doesn’t she? :p

  4. Agree with 9: very aptly names fella.

    Good job against Spurs yesterday, MArtin’s goal was a blur! Thank got Chelsea got no interest in him… yet!

    anttyk: Hands of our Oba, Jose! :o)

  5. spiller:

    if he was, he’s not anymore. heh.

    but then again, if comes out of it with a cool scar like one of those characters in a hong kong comic strip, it wudn’t be too bad. :p

    anttyk: You know what the fella asked the doctors when he was admitted? He wasn’t worried about the broken bones and teeth. He asked the attendee, “Ini (points to his face) nanti ada calar kah?”

    Hahahaha. Men are vain too… 😉

  6. OMG. Sounds horrific.. speedy speedy recovery!

    anttyk: It was… I’ll pass the message on.

  7. You have very strange friends. Spiller and Nine Inches included.

    So, is your hero friend cute ah?

    anttyk: Well, he claims he’s an Andy Lau look-alike. Does that work for you?

  8. sean didnt visit hero??

    cute comes in small package. where got enuff for lils?

    anttyk: LOL. Sean was busy doing her two dollah suckee suckee thingy.

  9. Yup…I can feel the pain….all the way back from year 2000 when i myself broke my leg. Ouch.

    anttyk: Ouchie.

  10. Why all your scouser friends so mean to me? I think I’ll support newcastle next season *pfffffffft*

    anttyk: Yay! Yes, that would be nice. Mily the Magpiebird has a nice ring to it.

  11. There is no such thing as a Magpiebird you…you…you fake Geordie. 😛

    anttyk: Pfffbbbrrttt! Oik! I know for a fact that there is such a thing as a kukubird. :p

  12. His name really IS Hero just in case you thought Ant was spewing half-lies. ahhhh, the wonderful world of Irony.

    anttyk: I no tell lies wan.

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