Torture Victims – Woh Tiek (Gyoza)

The human race is defined by its violent and sadistic tendencies. We chop, boil alive and torture helpless innocent victims in our selfish quests for personal gratification.

This happens in our torture chambers, also known as kitchens, on a daily basis. (Warning: The following article contains graphic images which may distress people with weak constitutions.)


Here, the victims are boiled not once, but three times. This will ensure that the meat inside is cooked thoroughly. They are then scooped out and flied fried until their skins start turning brown.

The screaming can be deafening at times. Just cover your ears, and you should be alright.


The torturing is a complete success. The victims are screaming in agony at the pain. Relatives are weeping for their loved ones.


Do not forget to add vinegar to the wounds. Intensifies the pain ten-fold. If the little git’s still alive, bite him in half and swallow.

I am such an idiot, sometimes.

This is for you, Lils.


5 Responses

  1. can we have some pictures of really nice food like frog legs, snake wine, paramouth nasi lemak and so forth.. not sissy food like woh tiek…


    anttyk: Go Geyland and take some pics for me, can?

  2. hehe. now i know what to do with Gonzalez and Crouchie *rub hands*

    anttyk: Hmmm… Hard to find a wok that ‘long’.

  3. Err..unlike someone whose name I shall not mention here, i don’t think i can swallow food without aesthetic value.

    Next time put lah pictures of owen 😀

    anttyk: I wonder who that unmentionable person is… Hmmm… Hehheh.

  4. Will take more pictures of food when i am at Geyllang.. then pass it to you…

    anttyk: Okay.

  5. i like this story! very creative!

    anttyk: You’re too kind. *shy*

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