I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe I’ll do both. Talk about prophetic words. Niamah.


12 Responses

  1. You can only do both at the same time if you’re overjoyed.

    Get rid or Roeder, pronto!

    anttyk: I wish… And replace him with? Mourinho? Hahaha. He recently said Newcastle has a stronger squad than Chelski… That made me laugh and go ‘huh?’ at the same time.

  2. the repeat should be on later. or you can watch the hightlights over espn. 😀

    anttyk: I’m licking my wounds… Put salt somemore… 😦

  3. *huggles* it’s no fun being buggered repeatedly 😦

    anttyk: Thank you Lils. Can’t sit properly now.

  4. i’m pretty sure i laughed. out loud. rolled on the floor.

    anttyk: Pfffbbrrttt!

  5. This is damn Fugly….. better change back to the old template.

    anttyk: Too bad. I like this template. Black suits my mood at the moment.

  6. But black colour template brings out the pictures that u have paste.

    anttyk: And your point is?

  7. I loke this new template too. Owen looks really good against black background, as proven in my blog 😀

    anttyk: I think so too…

  8. First things first – PADAN MUKA!!!

    Secondly, never disrespect Karma, it’s back to school for you boy…

    Thirdly, what a hero to zero act by seamus…first class…

    Q: Would have rather won this then against spurs?…i dooubt it…

    Focus on the premiership, get into Europe with this team and people will be talking about it for years to come.

    anttyk: Sob sob sob… 😦

  9. Eh? Does this have something to do with the racket right outside my window yester-night? Heard lots of dissapointed “ahhhh…”s from time to time…..

    anttyk: Staying 100m from St James’ is a colourful experience, yes?

  10. no BUTT-slap anymore i guess?

    anttyk: No, no more butt jokes for me.

  11. actually… not really… just black and white…. people streaming in and out in FULL black and white. It’s not even 100m… it’s just across a small road dwarfing this student hall~ *grins*

    anttyk: Me so envious right now… 🙂

  12. Don’t be…. it’s not all its cracked up to be… at least, not while you’re trying to read some dry heavy text….

    anttyk: Okaaaaaaayyy…

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