I cannot stand the clicking-sucking sounds some folks make with their mouths when trying to remove bits of food stuck in between their teeth.

“Ssssschack! Ssssschack! Ssss…”

It gets on my nerves.

I dislike Sunday evenings. They remind me of the fact that Monday is looming around the corner. I love my job, but I detest Mondays. If possible, I’d avoid it like the plague. Does that make me strange? Cos’ I contradict myself all the time.

But what I dislike even more than Mondays is working on Sundays. Sundays are meant to be spent lazing around, mucking about and doing some productive ass scratching. Instead, I’m stuck here staring at a workpaper so incompetently prepared I feel like shooting myself, repeatedly. With a water pistol. 

Arsenal better beat Manchester United States tonight. Otherwise, I’d be really, really tulan and cranky come Monday morning.

* * *

Newcastle 2 : West Ham 2 – Good comeback from behind.

Pool 2 : Chelshit 0 – Scousers steal posh London hubcaps. Nice one scousers.

Arsenal 2 : Manure 1 – Time wasting tactics backfire.


10 Responses

  1. I hate sundays too because every Monday morning we have a stupid WIP meeting at 9.30am. That’s the middle of the night innit?

    btw, have you seen this?

    anttyk: I’d give me arm and me leg to have him fit again and firing… Sigh.

  2. I hate weekends cause there is hardly time for me to rest… all those errands to run.. sigh….

    anttyk: Hehehehe. You should come back.

  3. i have Monday blues too…..sigh!!! Cudn’t wake up dis morn as ystday was watching re-runs of Star Wars Return of the Jedi on HBO….waakakaka

    anttyk: Hmmm… Stay awake at work, you should. :o)

  4. Got your wish there. Ho Yeah…Gunners RuLE!!!!!

    anttyk: And Fabregas rocks your socks right?

  5. Come back to where i was…wish i could but provided the dear director leaves the company if not, over me dead body man…

    anttyk: Shakes head. Let bygones be bygones, bro.

  6. whats with this german centric theme eh?

    anttyk: I didn’t notice it till you mentioned it. I just want a simple black template. Uwaaahhhh!

  7. schackkkk…schackkk… smack… *flick*

    anttyk: Chait! Flick some more… *chases 9 around and beats him with a petola*

  8. usually only Narnians kick up such a big fuss on the gay lifestyle.

    anttyk: I thought Mr Tumnus was gay.

  9. NARNIANS is a slang term for closet homosexuals.

    Consulate for the Kingdom of Narnia: Please do not tarnish the beautiful name of our nation, Narnia. We are highly offended by all these apa nama insinuations. We would also like to state here the common misconception that Narnains are gay is unfounded. Thank you.

  10. what you need is to get more gay friends.

    anttyk: I know you, innit?

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