I have always been complimented on my youthful looks in the past. Doesn’t happen anymore these days. I’d be really lucky if they get the decade right.

Nowadays, I get insults more than anything else. Sigh.

“Oi! You bald old man.”

“Yech. Get off me, you dirty old man.”

“Baldy, baldy, baldy. There’s a huge patch of bald on your head.”

“Wah… I jealous you. Your shampoo must last you like six whole months. Haircut cheap also, just pluck.”


Bald bald lah. I don’t really care anymore. Fcuk Yun Nam, fcuk Svenson, fcuk all these money cheating con-job places for exploiting men and their insecurities. Who needs huge, wavy locks of luscious long hair? Not all men aspire to look like mother-fcuking Fabian.

Whoever dares comment about my hair or lack of it will regret it big time. Big, big, big time. All I am saying is that midgets, Barney, petolas and Christina Doi-Doi Ronaldo may be involved.

It’s strange, you know. As I grow older, I constantly discover hair growing on new and totally unexpected places. Just the other day, I found some growing on my chest, which used to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom. WTF? 0_o

Pluck. *Ow* Pluck *Ow* Pluck some more. *Ooooooooooow* Smacks my own itchy hand.

What wouldn’t I give to have these hairs moved up to the top of my head? Maybe I should grow a beard, like Hurnain. But then, I’d look like a pirate.

Old men can be vain too, you know. Sigh.


16 Responses

  1. just shave it all off and pretend you’re related to vin diesel lah..

    anttyk: A scrawny, bald dude with a tummy like me? That’s a stretch.

  2. Who say bald men not sexy? Baldy are sexy and baldy repesents macho, aggresive and good on u know where lar.. Look at Sean Connery, look at Antass… they are sexy creatures…..guys with loads of hairs are normally being regarded as with loads of women’s hormones… muahahahah…..

    Long live Baldies…!

    anttyk: You can have my share. I just want to keep my full head of hair. Thanks.

  3. well, it’s too bad u din see Mr. Hiew…remember him? the guy who tried growing his remaining hair at the sides and combing it over to cover his big bald patch? during the alumni dinner, it looked more like a toupee cos i heard he went for hair replants…kakaka

    anttyk: Oooo…

  4. I hope you have a long dong to make up for it 😀

    anttyk: Wouldn’t you like to know… Heh heh heh.

  5. then pretend you’re related to harith iskandar lah..

    anttyk: Harith Iskandar is funny.

  6. better to look like a pirate then a dwarf. heh.

    anttyk: How is Legolas these days? Heh.


    look at the bottom, NARNIANS.

    anttyk: Somebody is really obsessed with Narnians and closets and gays.

  8. ha ha ha seeems like this blog was directed at me.

    anttyk: What makes you think that? :p

  9. Botak Botak Botak…!!

    anttyk: You just wait.

  10. i like ’em balding. and sometimes, gendut.

    anttyk: Gendut. Funny word. Genduuuuuuuuuuuuuttt…

  11. Never mind lar, young at heart attitude will cover up your unyouthful look.. i hope..

    anttyk: This paves the path towards senility, my dear friend.

  12. i say we all start a fund. we all give rm10 each to get Ant to shave his head bald. preferably of course, he should donate the proceedings to a chirtable cause later.

    anttyk: RM10 not enough lah. Seekarlui leave me how? You yong ngo seng sai ah? (translated: support me for life issit)

  13. Don’t laugh at us botaks. Bad is the new dreadlocks! Aerodynamic, summore…

    anttyk: Hmm… No wonder I seem to be able to run faster these days during futsal.

  14. it’s ok, i still fren u..

    anttyk: Thanks for the support. 😀

  15. why oldman cannot b super hamsup?????????

    anttyk: Why not eh?

  16. I seriously hope you don’t resort to a toupee. It’s your attitude that could pull your looks together 🙂 My ex-bf was a baldie. He did it very well. It’s all about the attitude/personality..

    anttyk: I’ll try that one day… 🙂

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