Endangered Species


Common Name: Ass Kisser

Scientific Classification: Charthai Jai

Physical Appearance: The Ass Kisser’s huge red lips are a prominent feature. The lips are constantly inflamed, and emits a faint shit-like smell.

Behavioural Characteristics: Generally incompetent and possesses virtually no skills. The Ass Kisser is not very bright, in fact, scientific tests have proven without a doubt that doormats are smarter. This species can often be found fawning and hanging around authority figures.

Habitat: Most Big 4 Accounting Firm offices.


Common Name: Ball Breaker aka Office Bitch

Scientific Classification: Seipat Por

Physical Appearance: Wears tailor-made dresses made in 1970. Smells like cat’s piss and mothballs.

Behavioural Characteristics: Displays extreme hatred for males. The Ball Breaker is constantly in a foul mood. For some strange reason, this animal has an irrational fear of sausages.

Habitat: Can be found sitting in cold lonely offices during ungodly hours.


Common Name: Office Sleazebag

Scientific Classification: Hum Chung

Physical Appearance: The Office Sleazebag looks remarkably like a rodent – beady eyes, jutting lower jaw and unkempt fur. This animal exudes a sneaky demeanour.

Behavioural Characteristics: Constantly drooling a computer screens. Distinctive laughter which goes like this – herherherherrrr…

Habitat: This animal can be found in the vicinity of females.


Common Name: Creepy Creature

Scientific Classification: Wattat Lou

Physical Appearance: This animal has a face shrouded in mystery. Has a smile that causes traumatic nightmares on his victims.

Behavioural Characteristics: The Creepy Colleague is a secretive creature and constantly creeps up on his prey. When overexcited, especially in the company of attractive females, this animal rubs his chin and shakes his legs.

Habitat: The Creepy Colleague is frequently found dancing alone in clubs.


6 Responses

  1. Phew! Thank god they’re endangered. Otherwise, work will even suck more than it is already…

    anttyk: Work sucks meh?

  2. shite! i hv a sei pat por at my office. to make things worse the cutest leng loi at the office is her best fren.

    how la to ‘ayat’ the girl with sei pat por around.

    anttyk: This happens all the time, doesn’t it? The leng lois are always surrounded by trolls. Sigh…

  3. Hmmm……..

    I still can’t figure out if Anttyk is an Office Sleazebag or a Creepy Creature.


    Maybe a combination of both?


    anttyk: Din, I’m all four.

  4. the influence of the Mouse must be rubbing off him.

    anttyk: Please don’t say that… Uwahhhhh!

  5. I still can’t figure out who the SEI PAT POR is? Is she a metaphor for…….

    anttyk: No one in particular. Honest.

  6. I’ve figured out who the Hum Chong and Wattat Lou are, have an idea who the sei pat por is but NO freakin idea who Chartai Jai is…hints plsss

    anttyk: How come your comments get captured by the spam filter all the time? siaoyue managed to guess the first one. Sei Pat Por is no one in particular.

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