Seekarlui and I are having dinner at Lala Cheong. With nothing better to do, we observe the family eating at the table next to us.

Seekarlui says, “Wah… That girl’s hair is so fook.”

Puzzled, I ask, “What the *&^%$$# is fook? Never even heard of this word.”

“Fook means straight, smooth and flows down nicely lah, you unwashed peasant,” Seekarlui retorts.

“You’re shitting me right?”

“Serious one…” Seekarlui pouts.

Ten minutes of peace ensue.

Suddenly Seekarlui exclaims, “Wah, look at that girl in the green dress! She has huge boobs.”

I choke on my soup.

Seekarlui continues, “Her boobs fill her top really well, makes her dress look really fook.”

Again with the fook. What the fook. Fook you. You fooking fook. Haha, Fook.

The word sounds exactly like the noise a spotlight makes when you turn it on. Fook.

“So does fook mean smooth and flows nicely here?” I ask.

“It means that her nice boobs give her dress a smooth flowing shape.”

“Er… So can a thin flat chested girl in a dress be called fook as well?” I ask.

“Noooooooooooooooo,” Seekarlui exclaims with wide open eyes.

So what does fook mean? Seekarlui must have made it up, as I have never even heard it before. Fook.

Since we are on this topic of spotlights and stuff related to it, I would like to mention here that I don’t like big breasts. In fact they scare me. Stick one big breasted bird in front of me and I’ll scream bloody murder.

I prefer them little ones, thank you very much. Plus, do you know how hard it is to hug a girl with big boobs properly?


Arms pain. Shoulder pain. Back pain. Very is the fook one.


12 Responses

  1. really ar??=P

    anttyk: Really one.

  2. I don’t mind.

    anttyk: Really?

  3. Fook means smooth? This is so wot the fook. I think she’s fooking pulling your fooking legs.

    anttyk: I think so too. More research into this matter is required. Will get back to you on this.

  4. What the fook?? U sure u don’t like big things? sure or not??
    Mauahaha……. but Them singy loves it big!! How? should i be one of them or should i remain true to my country……

    anttyk: Why is this so hard for you to believe? I just don’t like big pon-pons.

  5. my chest is fook.

    anttyk: Oh my.

  6. lap sap. Ant would not kick PamAnderson out of his bed.

    anttyk: I most definitely will.

  7. let’s change the words straight/smooth/flowing from these sentences shall we?

    – “i am not gay, i am fook,” says weckham.

    – “look at my fook and shiny bottom,” says lily, admiring her derrier.

    – “as a river fooks, gently to the sea, bla bla bla, somethings are meant to beeee….”


    anttyk: Hahahaha.

  8. never knew what it meant altho i’ve heard it before. thought it meant something in canto.

    anttyk: It is canto, sic.

  9. yalah.. it’s to describe something smooth and bouncy.

    fook mei? (here another canto way of saying, different meaning tho) 😛

    anttyk: Issit?

  10. wei, i’ve nvr heard of such slangs b4 oso ar…wat the fook?

    anttyk: Fooooooooooooook. I like this word.

  11. FOOK YOU!

    tee hee!

    anttyk: Fook you too! :p

  12. Who the fook is alice!!!

    anttyk: !!!??!!!?

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