siaoyue, Kaysee (a dude), Panty (another dude) and Little Doggie were stealing bones chatting after lunch today.

siaoyue: Wah… I saw Kaysee’s girlfriend the other day lah.

Little Doggie: Really ah?

siaoyue: She has a really hot body.

Kaysee: Erm…

siaoyue: Damn hot lah wei.

Panty: Ya ya. Hot hot. Agree.

siaoyue: Maybe that is why Kaysee’s eyes are so HUGE – the after effects of him seeing the girlfriend’s body. *puts on an exaggerated shocked, wide-eyed expression*

Kaysee: Hmmph.

siaoyue: Haha.

Kaysee: Oh, now I think I know why your boyfriend’s eyes are soooooooo small… Nothing to see.


Kaysee, Panty, Little Doggie and me: HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!



It’s good to be back at work.


Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year is all about family – kindly grandparents, prying aunties, jovial uncles, annoying cousins, stressed parents, squabbling siblings. What a time!

It’s about food, red packets, lion dances, fire crackers and mandarin oranges.

Have a great Chinese New Year,

boys and girls.



Sometimes, we lose sight of what is important in life. We are consumed by the demands of our own needs – drowning out the cries of those less fortunate than us.

I was having lunch at a yong tau fu shop with my friends, when I saw a poor Indian man with dust and dirt all over him. He looked like he had not eaten in days, judging from his lean and hungry look.

He stood there, silently, staring longingly the yong tau fu on display. He licked his lips. Clutched tightly in his fist was a one ringgit note.

He motioned for the waiter, who ignored him.

He motioned again. Reluctantly, the waiter walked slowly over to the man, the look of contempt etched plainly on his face.

The Indian man leaned over and whispered something into the waiter’s ear. The waiter promptly turned and marched away from the man. He returned seconds later with a small packet of plain rice noodles.

The man paid for it with his one ringgit.

As he turned to leave, I stopped him and asked him whether he would like some yong tau fu to go with his plain noodles.

He politely declined.

He told me this: “I may be poor, but I am healthy. I have my strength so I can work. I have a family who loves me. I have a bicycle and I can get around. I am happy and content.”

Privilege or the lack of it happens entirely by accident. I will never forget this Indian man. He may be poor, but he has more class and dignity than so many rich people I have come across in this life.

I Like

siaoyue bought me this…


Small packets of konnyaku jelly. I like. Very nice. Great success.


I am going to celebrate really quietly… Yay yay yay yay.

Robbie please don’t steal Elsie‘s hubcaps.


Kopi Korek

Sean told us the darnest story yesterday.

She was with a bunch of friends in Seremban. Or was it relatives? I forget. Anyway, Sean has a huge family, all staying next to one another. People from Klang are funny like that. But, I’m digressing. Sean was with a bunch of people she knows. Is this better?

Okay. You have to stop reading now if you are under 21 and / or have delicate sensibilities. Heh. Don’t come whining to me and say that I didn’t warn you.

Here goes. Sean’s friend, I don’t know which one, she has lots of them based on my observations – since she is such a party girl. Anyway, her friend warned her about a coffee shop in Seremban.

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The partners gave out mandarin oranges yesterday afternoon. Maxie, Flirty and I were mooching around…

Maxie: Eh Flirty, this orange ah, got seed one ah?

Flirty: No lah, waitwaitwaitwaitwaaaaaaaait. Got. Got seed. *nods head* 

Maxie: Oh noses! *panics*

Flirty: Why? *face turns pale*

Maxie: I am allergic to seeds.

Flirty: Really? So serious. What happens if you accidentally ate one?

Maxie: I will choke.

Flirty: -_-

Maxie: Herherherherherherherrrr…

* * *

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