Some people go karaoke-ing and sing,

Others go karaoke-ing and drink their livers into oblivion,

While some people go karaoke-ing for a spot of hanky panky,

I go karaoke-ing and make fruit animals.


Cantik tak? Pffbbrrrttt!


10 Responses

  1. Dino? Dog? Fook Fook Fook.. I know… its Antass

    anttyk: Are you on drugs or something? Heh.

  2. woi, goto the fruit stall, buy fruits, go back then do all ur fruit animals cheaper lar…hehehe

    anttyk: Fruits come free with the complimentary fruit basket. :o)

  3. Boss,

    What’s the matter with HB. Blogger says got error with the site.

    Cepat, I’m disintegrating as a side effect of deficiency of daily quota of HB postings….

    anttyk: Looks okay to me. Eh, I’m buying your FAM jersey this weekend and passing it to Shirley Ann. L or XL?

  4. FT day shud be spent sleeping and not karaoke-ing nor making fooking fruit animals.

    plz be advised.


    anttyk: Heh heh heh. I karaoked, then slept. The whole day.

  5. i always tell people i go to karaoke because i like the music. :p

    anttyk: *shudder*

  6. You think XL too big?

    What do you have?

    anttyk: Me wearing M… 😀

  7. Dude,

    Bukan Jersey yea…the black polo tee…

    anttyk: Okie.

  8. would you go to a karaoke if food is not served? :p

    anttyk: Nope. Must have food. Food is important, to give people who can’t sing something to do.

  9. didn’t mommie tell you not to play with your food?

    anttyk: I like playing with my food.

  10. u went to fruit court? :p

    anttyk: Is that what they call papaya farms these days?

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