This Week

A lot has happened this week, so I’m going to do it Lainie style.

Deep breath. Here goes.

= = =

Somebody vandalised my car, Elsie, in the office parking lot. Really huge long, ugly gashes.

My left front tyre was slashed as well. Luckily, C. Lengus was around to help me change it. P215/70R16 sized tyres are really heavy.

Acts of cowardice really piss me off. But at least I managed to get a good workout. RM973 for respraying and a new tyre. Good money down the drain. All for nothing. Sob sob sob.

I’ve got nice muskels now…

Elsie’s other misadventure can be found here.

= = =

My 5-foot tall Seekarlui drives like a boy racer – I mean, the seat is almost horizontal and steering pushed down to its lowest possible position.

I have always wondered why she prefers this set up.

She says, “If I put the steering higher up, I won’t be able to see the road!”



= = =

I went to Seekarlui’s house one night. Wahlau! Who realised Chinese New Year is just around the corner eh?


Macam Buddhist temple lah… And where’s the monk?

= = =

Oh and some good news. I passed, I passed, I passed! I passed the CISA exam. Mua ha ha ha ha haha haha haha. Happy happy joy joy (now that sounded gay).

= = =

Got Elsie back from the workshop today. What a week it has been for her. Kesian.


She looks hot, doesn’t she?

= = =

The Toon lost to Full of Ham this weekend. Really miserable and depressed, bordering on suicidal doesn’t quite describe my feelings at the moment.


13 Responses

  1. Poor you. I understand how you feel, being an unfortunate victim of car thefts myself..

    By the way, when did they build a new Chinese temple in BU ar???

    anttyk: Thanks Fong May.

  2. Congrats! See, told you you didn’t have to worry 🙂

    And yeah, that’s ALOT of lanterns!

    anttyk: Thank you. 🙂

  3. My bumper fell off. Have to take taxis for a few days 😦

    Congrats. Are you a chartered accountant or something? Not that I know what a chartered accountant does.

    anttyk: How did your bumper fall off? So kesian.

    Thanks, it’s Certified Information Systems Auditor. A chartered accountant is the dude in your office who sits in a small cluttered room full of papers, wears thick glasses and a bow tie. 😉

  4. when belanja makan? certified liao

    anttyk: When do you want to go out for dinner?

  5. damn pissed with the draw too! i thought Andy Johnson injured kao kao last 2 weeks? how come can heal so fast? niamah..

    by the way, nice number plate. got buy 4D ah? 😛

    anttyk: Got! But didn’t kena.

  6. sang sang fat fat eh. 😀 (buy numberlah not steal hubcaps)

    anttyk: Didn’t kena also. Niamah.

  7. it wasn’t us scousers who vandalised elsie. honest.

    anttyk: I know. Scousers are my friends. I like them. They funny.

  8. Dude, why is hot Elsie that cursed? She probably needs to talk to someone about this.

    Yo, my 8555 wants to go out on a date with her. Can or not?

    anttyk: Is your 8555 a gentleman? My Elsie only goes out with nice boys.

  9. Bugger…pass also…memang bolehla…

    Let me guess, 75 or 76?

    How bout the rest of the motley crew?

    anttyk: I got 86. 😀

    TTJ is using snail mail notification, so results belum sampai. Azlan, I’m not sure.

  10. Babi anak sial!!!


    You could be the bugger with the highest results ever…check with pingku and c.lengus…don’t think they got that much either..

    eesh, nowadays CISA exam quality also standard gone down..macam SPM 200 fellas can get 17 A1s…

    TTJ and Datuk would’ve got an email notification…

    eh, baju sudah beli?

    anttyk: TTJ passed too! Baju belum beli lagi. Will buy soon. 😉

  11. I think you must have not seen Peng Ku drives. =P

    anttyk: Oh yes I have.

  12. Sell Elsie lar… see how badly she kena d… keep going to Hospital… sigh… maybe she should date BFM3373… then no one will kacau her d..

    anttyk: What? Date your broken down neglected falling to pieces old White Wira? Hah! Pffbbrrttt!

  13. haha i think someone hates u…..or could be uptown could have bene infested by giant size rodents with sharp nails……

    anttyk: I think I know someone who fits that description.

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