The partners gave out mandarin oranges yesterday afternoon. Maxie, Flirty and I were mooching around…

Maxie: Eh Flirty, this orange ah, got seed one ah?

Flirty: No lah, waitwaitwaitwaitwaaaaaaaait. Got. Got seed. *nods head* 

Maxie: Oh noses! *panics*

Flirty: Why? *face turns pale*

Maxie: I am allergic to seeds.

Flirty: Really? So serious. What happens if you accidentally ate one?

Maxie: I will choke.

Flirty: -_-

Maxie: Herherherherherherherrrr…

* * *

Find more Maxie talk here. Also read about Maxie and his amazing vibrating finger here.


2 Responses

  1. Maxie Maxi Maxie…what a character…

    Hope his charm doesn’t let him down when he gets here…

    anttyk: His charm is magic.

  2. herherrherrherherherherrrr

    anttyk: *pooooot*

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