Kopi Korek

Sean told us the darnest story yesterday.

She was with a bunch of friends in Seremban. Or was it relatives? I forget. Anyway, Sean has a huge family, all staying next to one another. People from Klang are funny like that. But, I’m digressing. Sean was with a bunch of people she knows. Is this better?

Okay. You have to stop reading now if you are under 21 and / or have delicate sensibilities. Heh. Don’t come whining to me and say that I didn’t warn you.

Here goes. Sean’s friend, I don’t know which one, she has lots of them based on my observations – since she is such a party girl. Anyway, her friend warned her about a coffee shop in Seremban.

Sean’s friend: Don’t go in that coffee shop.

Sean: Why not?

Sean’s friend: It’s where dirty old men go for kopi korek.

I have never heard of kopi korek. Have you? This sounds intriguing. According to Sean’s friend, this is what happens. A dirty old man goes to the coffee shop and orders a coffee. When the drink arrives, a girl who works at the coffee shop comes up and sits next to the dirty old man. The dirty old man proceeds to enjoy his coffee and… get this… at the same time, slips his hand under the girl’s skirt to…

Touch the taco.

Cup the clam.

Feel the fufu.

Stroke the seebee.

Korek itu konek.

This is getting vulgar. So I think I’d better stop. I think you get the idea. Yuckyuckyuckyuckyuckityyuck.

Like this also fun ah?

I wonder if these dirty old men actually wash their hands before err… Imagine those dirty worm-infested grubby hands fondling your… Fuck. Nevermind. I have to go now. I need to take my brain out and wash it with Clorox now.

Sean tells wonderful stories, doesn’t she?


16 Responses

  1. wht dirty old man likes to do is way past our imaginations.. maybe u will know when u reach that stage.. haha..

    anttyk: Ewww… I don’t think so.

  2. Well, Antass is a dirty old man.. he should know… he would be able to tell us why they (dirty old men) likes that…

    anttyk: You are older than me, and waaaaaay dirtier. Pfffbbrrtt!

  3. KL got ah? it must be fun to watch. kekekeke

    anttyk: I think it’s only in Seremban. Can some Seremban local confirm this story?

  4. oh no.. u’ve corrupted my fragile little mind now. i’m not innocent anymore.

    anttyk: Ha ha ha ha. And I thought dwarves are tough.

  5. “Korek itu Konek”


    anttyk: :p

  6. i want to buy Sean a cuppa. 😀

    anttyk: I’ll run it by her…

  7. Well, antass.. u are 31 d this year… no longer 20s…. muahaha… old man…

    anttyk: Chait!

  8. I’m getting an unfair rep. The story was told for purely educational reasons, ie to find out if I was the only one who had never heard of this nasty bit of info, and to make people aware of this disgusting ritual. I am thoughtful like that. sic…what kinda cuppa we talking?

    ps: why do my stories always seem non G rated when they appear on your blog?

    anttyk: Dunno leh. Must be the way you tell your stories…

  9. hv a nice weekend & good luck for the game on sat.

    although, u do understand that if we lose, i’ll hv to send robbie over to steal elsie’s hubcaps. :p

    anttyk: Oh no! Luckily, Elsie doesn’t have any hubcaps. Heh.

  10. Sean Sean…

    Stories centering around Feeling the Fufu, educational indeed…well did you go there and see if dirty young gals get an incentive too?


    anttyk: Heh heh heh.

  11. sean, dont worry i wont korek korek. 😀

    anttyk: Ewww…

  12. the Kopi Korek can tambah susu or not?

    anttyk: What type of susu? :p

  13. sic, I second the ant, Ewww…

    jeevs, you should know me better right? These filthy things are not of my interest, I nearly fainted due to my delicate sensibilities, ok. Btw, I’ll be over next week..meet?

    anttyk: Delicate my foot.

  14. mana tempat itu? full details pls

    anttyk: Dunno where leh bro.

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