I am going to celebrate really quietly… Yay yay yay yay.

Robbie please don’t steal Elsie‘s hubcaps.



12 Responses

  1. Congrats Anttyk 🙂

    I’m so dissapointed. How come Owen not in the stands??

    anttyk: I dunno leh… I was looking out for him too.

  2. Oh, and since you don’t actually need him, can we have him back 😀

    anttyk: He mine! All mine! My precious… Goll.. err… :p

  3. Hmm… that explains the singing from the crowd just now….

    anttyk: Living so near to St James’, you should at least catch one live home match there, girl.

  4. cis.

    anttyk: Haha.

  5. Reds were quite unlucky.. kena tiang a few times. But kudos to Toons for fightback 🙂 Fingers crossed for Gunners’ victory tonite!

    anttyk: I know… Phew! Hey, Gunners won. :o)

  6. It’s a bit TOO expensive…. I wish I could too…..

    anttyk: Next time I’m in the UK, we go together-gether okie? We’ll drag Muks along.

  7. I thought you were referring to Valentine’s Day until I hovered over your link 😐

    anttyk: :p

  8. cipet pepet chaohai reina!!!

    anttyk: LOL.

  9. Well done Newcastle. All the money i the world can’t win you football matches then eh?

    anttyk: All you need is a soggy pitch and bucket loads of luck.

  10. It was really really cold and wet that night too!

    anttyk: Rain, rain go away…

  11. I was happy for Kota Bharu too. 😉

    anttyk: You lost me there. :p

  12. tough shit for us, sawah padi field and all.

    good win toons.

    anttyk: Heh heh. Thanks.

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